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Web marketing in India has a massive Indian and international market base. The surge in Indian IT, wealth and the fact that Indians speak, read and write in English make growth for web marketing in India huge. I have created this first country specific web page because of the interest in 4 Web Marketing's website by Indians. 4 Web Marketing's small size means we could never service the large Indian web marketing potential. With over a decade of web marketing experience and expertise in web marketing, 4 web marketing see's our roll as a mentor to web marketing companies in India. While Indian web marketing companies are skilled, we see our roll in providing higher level of web marketing expertise, consulting advice for Indian web marketing companies and consultants by help with:

  • Formulation of web marketing strategies for your web marketing clients in India

  • Web marketing training in India for your SEO experts

  • Web marketing seminars in India

  • Social media marketing India

  • Google Places marketing India such as free linked pins on the map of India.

We only talk with Indian web marketing JV, partnerships if Indian web marketing companies are sincere with criteria:

  • web marketing companies in India with over US$500,000 of turnover per year

  • Indian university heads of marketing departments

  • Web marketing firms in India prepared to fly me to India, host and basically roll out the red carpet for the best web marketer in the world. Return Perth - India flights about A$1300

  • Organise web marketing seminars in India for my web marketing training presentations

If your web marketing company in India is sincere about working with the world's best web marketer, then contact 4 Web Marketing

4 Web Marketing employ 2 Indian web marketers in Perth Australia. Our bookeeper Zayna (she's from East Africa) and link builder Sri in the photo below, a web marketer from Hyderabad India:
Web marketing India

Indian Web Marketing Visitor Stats before this Indian landing page was developed
The 34 thousandth most popular website in India.
Web marketing India

Map of India

Visitors to our www.perthperth.com on the eastern shores of the Indian Ocean
Indian Web Marketing

Visitors to our www.accommodationnear.com/India
web marketing Indian cities

2010 promotional video marketing of the Kerala beaches of South India 4 web marketing India

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