Web Marketing Course

Web Marketing Course


I am prepared to run web marketing courses, web marketing seminars, or be guestprofessional Web Marketing training course instructor speaker at marketing conferences in Perth, Australia wide or overseas. It doesn't even need to be an internet web marketing seminar.  It could just as easily be your organization's conference or seminar.  I head the best web marking company in Australia and one of the best web marketing companies in the World.  4 Web Marketing can tailor web marketing courses / web marketing seminars for your organisation.  Not only are we technically the best web marketing company in Australia but also very experienced at public speaking Australia wide and internationally.  Our web marketing course was developed in Perth Western Australia, for groups or one on one. In Perth the web marketing course is $1,100 per for groups (discounts apply for not-for-profit organisations) or $330 per hour for Perth business executives or university lecturers. Add expenses for web marketing training courses beyond Perth.

Web Marketing Course Summary

website marketing course training strategies Australia

Who Should Attend Web Marketing Courses?

  • Marketing Manager
  • Committee members or associations / organizations
  • CEOs of associations / network marketing organizations
  • Marketing company executives
  • Marketing university students
  • Senior executive managers of large companies
  • Web developers
  • Database designers
  • Copywriters
  • Public relations professionals
  • People who report ROI in web marketing
  • Events organizers, conference organizers, events marketing professionals

Web marketing seminar Australia

Needed for Web Marketing Course

  • Your accommodation and travel organisation to the venue of the web marketing course.
  • Data projector & screen.  High speed internet connection
  • Booking me at least 2 months BEFORE the web marketing course.
  • If I'm not conducting the whole web marketing course, a brief of the whole web marketing course and the part you want me to deliver if you are putting the web marketing course together.
  • $330 per hour for delivery of the web marketing course plus $55 per hour traveling time away from my web marketing business in Perth Australia plus $22 per non-sleeping hours I'll be away from my family.
  • My authority to use the 4 Web Marketing logo on your course / conference papers
  • Phone Ben now to arrange your next guest speaker at your:
    • Web Marketing Training Course
    • Marketing conference
    • Marketing convention
    • Marketing seminar

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