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Travel Marketing

If you have a great travel website without traffic, online travel marketing is what you need to get a much more popular travel website. Talk with us about our proven web marketing strategies including SEO for travel websites. Our travel marketing must be OK otherwise you would never be reading our sales pitch to you. Travel marketing gets travellers reading your marketing information but not just travellers but the right kind of travellers interested in your niche travel marketing. 

Travel Marketing Example

  1. Our client is 1st on Yahoo for "accommodation near london" etc

  2. Promotional videos of travel in Bali doubled the popularity of Accommodation Bali website.

The first step in travel marketing is to KNOW not guess, what phrases your clients are searching search engines for. You need the Good Keywords Report. It is only US$40 and is the best value web marketing report 4 Web Marketing does.  Once you know travel phrase to target you can:

  • Buy the CORRECT IP

  • Tell your copywriter to weave them into your travel writing

  • Get 4 Web Marketing to SEO travel websites

  • Search for travel affiliates for things such as:

    • JVs

    • Link Exchanges

    • Buying space on their site/s if their travel websites are popular

Our travel marketing consultations are Australian$330 per hour and well worth the advices which could easily improve the popularity of your website by thousands of percent.  If your travel website starts from a low popularity base we guarantee to get it within the worlds top 2% of most popular websites.

Web travel marketing has global reach and therefore is the best value for money form of marketing.

If you own hotel accommodation talk with us about swapping services. We enjoy travelling and so long as your hotel has an internet connection we can do travel marketing from your hotel. Our travel photo journalists can take photos if your travel marketing photos need updating. See our sample travel marketing photos.

We can talk with travel marketing managers not only about SEO but other web marketing strategy options such as:

travel marketing Australia

If you need the best travel marketing in the world phone Ben now +61 418958799 for a free travel marketing introductory consultation.

Travel Marketing Australia for the world.
Google 1st for "hotel marketing australia"

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