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We are not the Australian Government trade mark office.
We provide cheap Australian Trade Mark registration filing and notification services.
If your business is worth protecting read on for my information about Australian trade marks?

An Australian trade mark identifies a product or a service, distinguishing it from other similar products or services. Australian trade mark registration gives the owner the exclusive right to use the trade mark for the goods and/or services for which it is registered. Trademark registration covers the whole of Australia.

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A business name is a trading name only. Registering a business name does not provide the owner with proprietary rights to that name.

Our Australian Trade Marking Service:

How Australian Trademark Registration Process Works

How long / time does Australian trade mark registration take?

  1. You review Australian trade mark questions and answers.
    How long does an Australian trade mark last?  A: 10 years
  2. You phone customer support, free of charge, for 5 minutes of Q&A such as: Which class/es you want to be in?  One class is included in our service.  $300 cost price per extra class.
  3. Selection of a TM filing plan.
  4. Payment $800 to our Australian bank account number shown on our Quote/Invoice. (You are protected by Australian consumer protection laws) that the trademarking services we provide will be delivered in full.
  5. You email me:
    1. Your TM  text
    2. >  300 pixel wide image (gif or jpeg) if you have one. (possibly from your graphic designer)
    3. TM owner’s name, address and contact info
    4. If the applicant is Australian, then the TM owner’s ABN
  6. I report to you a pre-filing search.
  7. If your TM has already been taken,
    1. At no extra cost you can try for a different TM application  or
    2. Proceed at your risk, against the odds, with possible Australian trademarks office rejection  or
    3. Get a refund of the funds you invested in my services less $100 for consultations given, research, and search report.
  8. If we proceed with TM filing after your payment to us, we will send to you within 2 working days, confirmation of our payment and copy of TM filing application. If you do not get this confirmation it means your TM application has not been filed.
  9. We send you within 2 weeks after TM application filing, copy of a letter from the Australian Trademarks office confirming lodgement of your application.
  10. You can start using the TM symbol
  11. We wait up to 6 months for Australian TM initial approval.
  12. We wait up to 3 months more till end of public objection period.
  13. If your Australian TM is given final approval, we air mail your new Australian TM certificat to you.
  14. You can start using the symbol
  15. You should start using your new registered Australian trademark or run the risk of a court challenge for not using it and loosing it.

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