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Australian Tourism Website Promotion Expert Reveals how To Promote Your tourism website for top search engine position ranking.

This Australian tourism website promotion is for you if you are into:

  • Recreational tourism promotion

  • Extreme sports promotion

  • Eco tourist promotion

  • Adventure tourism promotion

  • Tourist accommodation promotion

  • Tours promotion

  • Australian Travel Agency promotion

  • Travel writing promotion

  • Catering for tourist

  • Tourist transportation promotion

  • Any other Australian tourism website promotion.

"If you are sick and tired of all the hype and junk about tourism website promotion and just
want 'Show-me-the-money' results you simply MUST read this website -
Believe me I wasted tens of thousands of dollars before I met this guy..."
Alistair Eaton, Director, Metro Recruitment

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Dear tourism website Owner

Lets face it... what use is your tourism website if no one knows how to find it?

FACT: Without traffic even the best website in the world is about as useful
as a screen door in the hull of a tourist yacht!

It Really Doesn't Matter:

How amazing your tourism site looks...

How fantastically unbelievable your tourism products / services are...

..How many gazillions of your hard-earned dollars you've sunk into research and development..

If at the end of the day no one knows how to find your Australian tourism site...

It's all been a big fat waste of time and money hasn't it?

And you know what...99% of today's website owners could put up their hands
right now and say:

"That's me!"

But before you hit the 'Stop!' button and give up in disgust..

Keep reading because if you seriously need web traffic..
you are going to remember finding this page for the rest of your life..

You don't realize it but you are about to discover some quick and easy ways
to get a solid flow of target traffic to your Australian tourism site.

It Doesn't Matter:
How poorly your tourism business is currently performing..

It Doesn't Matter:
If your  hit counter has only had a measly 10 hits and you've been online 10 months..

There really is a simple, proven and effective way to get a constant stream of visitors to your Australian tourism site.

And before you ask... No. I'm not talking about pathetic ideas like buying the email addresses  millions of unsuspecting people...unless you want to get kicked off the net quicker than you can say "Spam!"

And no, it  wont cost you the earth.

You see I know something that not one website owner in a thousand knows or understands...

I know how to get tourist traffic... lots of it.  in fact I know...

31 WebSite Promotion Secrets

To Getting All The Traffic You Can Handle...

Page WebSite Promotion Factors:

  1. Your Domain & Company Names

  2. Title of your web page

  3. Description Metatag Keywords

  4. Site map

  5. Keywords Meta Tags

  6. Keyword Weighting

  7. Header tag

  8. Keyword Variants eg marketing, marketer, markets, marketed

  9. Keyword Prominence

  10. Alternative Image Text

  11. Correct Submission Protocols

  12. Color Of Text On Page

  13. Web Hosting Reliability

  14. Site Popularity fix with: Link Exchange Program

  15. Pages linking to yours have a high position ranking
        and if the total number of links on that page is low.
    Keywords In hyperlinks

  16. Keywords In Hypertext on your page

  17. Keywords In Hypertext in other sites with links to your site.

  18. Doorway Pages

  19. Gateway Pages

  20. If your web hosting service provider has been put into the "Black Hole of CyberSpace" by an agency such as Cyber Cops because maybe they hosted for example a spammer.

  21. Frames!

  22. # Of Hosting Servers Used to flood competitors off page one.

  23. Refresh Metatag

  24. Keyword Proximity

  25. Relevant keywords on other pages in your web

  26. Relevant keywords on other pages in webs with links to yours.

  27. Directory categorisation of your site.

  28. Length and case of file names.

  29. Dirty URLs

  30. Ammount of content above the fold

  31. Effective Copywriting

Now let me ask you a question..

Do you understand even half of the above list let alone other types of web marketing such as social media marketing?

And more than that, do you know how to effectively use each of these factors
to generate a steady stream of visitors to your Australian tourist site?

Odds are that unless you are some geeky computer nerd (Like me :-)...) You don't have a clue what they are or how they work... And lets face it why should you?

After all that's not your job and its not why you're reading this right?
That's where I come in...

I didn't discover these 'Insider Secrets' 'by accident'

My best friend didn't reveal them to me with his dying breath...

I wasn't struck with a sudden flash of divine inspiration that enabled me to bypass
all the hard work, effort and tourism web research...

What I Did Do Was Spend Literally Thousands of Hours Cooped Up In My Office

to find out what works and what's 'Hype'

keeping up-to-date with all the latest requirements of the major search engines

Reading...EVERYTHING I could get my hands on to make 100% certain I knew my stuff

Being an Australian Tourism Operator in the South Pacific.  Yes I understand the hospitality industry well.

Then It Happened...
My Tourism Clients Started To Get Top Listings All Over The Net...

Want Proof? Good. Just look at these testimonials...

Now I want to make those 'Insider Secrets' available to you...

I want you to be able to benefit from the same simple no-nonsense, down-to-earth approach that can set your hit counter spinning like a demented Ferris wheel on steroids!

Just take a quick look at the simple
Tourism Web Promotion Plans
that I have available.  Your hospitality site should be optimised before submission to the Search Engines for good position but if you can't afford the Silver Plan then submission only and hope for the best is worth a try if you're not expecting to compete with a competitive keyword phrase like " tourism Australia " " recreational tourism "  "eco tourism "  or as my clients have successfully done " accommodation scarborough beach "  rather than "computer sales tourism small town name".

The vast majority of web surfers (85%+) use search engines
to find what they are looking for on the web.

When other sources of information are included,
search engines are still more important than other sources

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Western Australia
Ben tourism marketing in the Cook Islands for 10 years.
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Got on the front cover of the Country's Lonely Plant book.

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