Thank you for investing in our Search Engine Submission service.  If you have paid online, your credit card will show a debit of US$40 by ClickBank / Kinetics. Please keep your ClickBank email with transaction number and use this as your receipt for tax claims.

If you have sent a Aust$52 cheque to "4 Web Marketing" POB 334 Scarborough, Western Australia 6922, you've most likely come straight to this form.

In the form below, please tell us your submission details to help us build a profile to submit to search engines.


Web address (URL) of page to submit to Search Engines.

Our Search Engine Submission Software can detect tags in the html of your web page (if your webpage conforms to W3C HTML standards) and extract information from your page automatically. We will email you if it does not. If you are not happy with keywords in your meta tags in the head of your page, we recommend your keywords review and fixing BEFORE search engine submission.  If you are happy the current tags in your web page we recommend saving time with this search engine submission profile form by NOT competing the next 3 items *

* Title of your webpage?
Most important first. No repeated keyword PHRASES.
* DESCRIPTION That which search engine result pages display under your hypertext title. Weave in less than 70 keywords.
Less spam
Tick if you prefer to submit to the major 72 US and other country specific SEs ONLY.
Please send me a free submission report Yes No
If you have paid by Australian CHEQUE, do you want an invoice stamped "Paid"? Yes No
Avoid being tagged as a spammer.  If you have submitted your web address yourself to SEs within the last 3 months you'll need to advise to which SEs and approximately when.
Your Name
Organisation's billing Name
Telephone number  


Postal address including Country


If you want to submit ANOTHER site profile to thousands of major search engines and directories pay US$40 AGAIN via ClickBank's SECURE CARD PAYMENT

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If you don't receive an email from us within the next few working days confirming submission, please email or phone

Please understand that submission is letting the search engines know you exist. It does NOT mean they will give you top position. For position, your web pages will need to be optimised for Search Engine Marketing. Search engine optimisation can be done after submission but better before.
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