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Social Media Marketing Australia

Growth in social marketing websites in Australia such as FaceBook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, and bookmarking sites Stumbleupon, "del is ious" etc, tell us that social marketing strategies Australia wide, including Social Media Optimisation SMO, along with other web marketing strageties such as SEO are important, cost effective marketing strategies.  Social media marketing connects peers and groups.  Social media marketing in Australia and overseas has openned an opportunity for peer to peer marketing.  What better recommendation for brand marketing of a product or service than from a friend or colleague in ever changing real time. Social marketing is current, persuasive and by top Australian influencers, wide reaching.

Unique Monthly Social Media Visitors
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Chart of Most Popular Social Media Use in Australia 2014Most popular social media sites Australia

Google tracks social media. The more social media activity on your page, the better you page performs in search engine result pages (SERP)

Social marketing is for brand marketing rather than revenue generation. If you're looking for faster revenue, invest in search engine optimization over social media.

If you're a user of social marketing and want to know more, phone our Australian social marketing consultants for advice on social marketing Australia wide.

Links from social media sites to your site boost your page's performace in search engine results pages (SERP)

StumbleUpon, Deliscious etc are bookmarking sites but have a social media marketing component to them.

Social marketing includes cost effective content marketing promotion of:

Social Marketing Strategies

  • Put share or "Like" links / buttons / badges on your web pages. Once clicked, your page shows on their Social media pages.  Click my social media buttons right here, then login to your social media websites like Facebook to see how this page displays on your wall.

    These when clicked show up on your "wall" "stream" "favourites"  The term is different in different social media sites.

    This is a Google+ "badge" It links to 4 Web Marketing's free Google+ page.
  • Add social media feeds to your web pages. Twitter feed example at right of this page.

  • Give permissions to your various social media accounts to access each other. That way what you post in one of your social media accounts shows automaticallin in your other social media.

  • Instead of time consuming posting to one social network at a time, use software which can populate all your social media accounts at one time.

  • Join & create online Australian social media groups and business networking groups. Early adoptors have an edge.

    • Send welcome messages to new members of social groups.

    • Create events for your social groups

  • Grow your number of interested friends or members of a group.

  • If you have a website incorporate your favourite network marketing site APIs into it.

  • Upload rich multi-media such as photos and videos

  • Run competitions

  • Surveys

  • Link building from social your social media sites.

  • Blog controversial topics to bring visitor opinions. "There's no such thing as bad advertising. There's only advertising."

Some of our Google+ Social Marketing Pages

Google+ open communities
Joining and posting on our Australian Google+ open communities is free.

Google+ Pages

Google+ Google Search Results Tips:

Yes the relationship between your Google+ social marketing and Google search engine results is growing as fast as traditional link building is declining.

  1. Use a RECOGNISABLE photo of your face for your Google+ profile.

  2. Add URLs of your sites into the ABOUT > CONTRIBUTOR section of your Google+ profile.

  3. Add by your name linked to your Google+ URL to web pages you want improvement in Google search engine results. Alternatively add your "GOOGLE BADGE" to your web pages. Example of one of mine Google badges in RHS light blue navigation column.

  4. Check improvement is search results after others (you won't logged into your Google account) start seeing your profile photos in Google search engine result pages. (SERPs)  Eg:
    Google Authorship

Cost of Social Marketing Services in Australia

The cost of managing your organisation's SMO marketing depends on how much your in house marketing manager does and how much we do.  For example we can set-up a FaceBook group or Linkedin group for you but if you let your competitors join they will post their marketing. Cost of SMO marketing in Australia depend on who keeps an eye on your social media account. As a rule of thumb we charge $77 per hour with a minimum of 2 hour per month for social media marketing services such as:

  • $50 per hour moderation of what is written on your social media pages.

  • $50 per hour stimulating, well copy-writen for SEO, interactive social media conversations with your customers. (social media pages show up in search engines"

  • $100 online influence scoring set-up and $40 monthly reporting of your online influence. Report comes with progress charts. eg below:

  • Cost of Social MEDIA Marketing Services in Australia

So far as Google is concerned "content is king" Talk with us about what you'd like in your social media marketing package options and we'll send you a quote:

  • Media production cost of getting photographers / videographers to your location in Australia with their professional equipment. We have professional drone quadcopter photographers based in New Zealand and America. If you already have great media, post editing such as applying HDR is an option.

  • $100 to set-up an Addthis profile and $20 per month for monthly reporting

  • $40 per month for 4 social media marketing posts per month in Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Talk with us for more options such as Instagram or Linkedin etc.

  • $20 per month for a monthly listing of various pages of your site in bookmarking sites such as Stumbleupon and Delicious.

  • Social Media Marketing Reporting Examples:
    Social Media Marketing Reports

If you want to know more about SEO vs SMO there are many forums with social marketing topic.

For social media marketing strategies telephone: Ben here or
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