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Professional good SEO marketing companies constantly compete with spammers and shysters who never deliver on promises of top position on search engine result pages (SERP). If you received spam email from an annonymous "SEO expert" claimant, identified usually as a sender using web mail such as Gmail, then don't waste your time nor money. Only search engine owners can guarantee top search engine position. Shysters promise top search engine position too but don't deliver.

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  1. SEO is the best value marketing compared to media of: print, radio, television, billboards, junk mail, email spam, and long term pay per click marketing. In most cases SEO is better value than any other digital marketing including social marketing and pay per click marketing.
  2. SEO is wide reaching. There's a reason why it's call the WORLD WIDE web.
  3. A/B SEO testing comparison statistics tell us which SEO works better. Unlike other media, SEO marketing has lots of statistics.
  4. Once set-up, good SEO results run almost free for years (depending on what your competitions' SEO does.
  5. The result of good SEO is "pull marketing". It self qualifies clients.  If for example someone searches Google for "web marketing australia" I'm certain they're wanting a web marketing company in Australia and are at the first stage of the sales funnel before they put their hands in their wallet to invest in types of digital marketing such as SEO, social marketing, etc. I'm sure when they come to my page, that they're not looking for things like football scores, sexy girls nor weather forecasts.
  6. SEO of landing pages reduces the cost of pay per click marketing with improved "quality score".


A few hours of my SEO consultation results in SIGNIFICANT improvement in site popularity. One of many KPIs which contributes to other KPIs such as more money in the bank and improved brand recognition.
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Many shysters and web designers add SEO as an afterthough to their service offerings. Yes you might get a small improvement in site popularity but more often than not their clients come crying to 4 Web Marketing SEO consultants with a story which goes like this: We spent $10,000 on nice looking web design but when no one was finding it, the designer asked for a lot more money for SEO. We paid another fortune for SEO but the designer's promise of top of page one for our trophy phrase was never delivered.  "How to choose a good SEO company" is by asking: "What COMPETITIVE phrases has your SEO company achieved for your clients?"  If they reply with something like "luxury lawn bowing equipment, perth" you've got to get away quickly.

The business of SEO marketing companies are:


SEO marketing company business is to tweek words on your web pages for top performance on page one of search engines in "organic" search results. (also referred to as "natural" or "unpaid search results" On page SEO is done in copywriting for SEO (ie what readers see on the page) and in html (the code and tags behind the page which search engines read).  Ben Grummels is Australian business manager and senior on page SEO marketing consultant of 4 Web Marketing. When you phone Ben, you're not dealing with a spammy salesman who outsources on page SEO work to India or the Philipines. Based in Perth Australia with demonstrateable achievements in on page SEO, you are protected by strong Australian consumer protection laws. Ben is an on page SEO specialist in Perth Australia with world wide clients.


Off page SEO is to do with things like quality, dofollow, high PR, link building, content writing/article submission/blogging/linking from social media posts (though links from social sites are nofollow) to your site. Done poorly, it's call it Forum Spam.
If you want to know which is the current best backlink juice to your site contact me for a free report.


Pay Per Click (PPC / CPC) is better value for short run events such as promotion of a weekend music festival, local government elections, annual meeting, annual sports event.  Keep in mind that:

Investment in SEO marketing has a better marketing return on investment (ROI) for long term marketing plans.  Ask our clients or read their SEO testimonials of our SEO marketing.

Marketing ROI is an important consideration. It's not worth spending thousands of dollars on PPC nor SEO if you're trying to promote sales of low volumes of icecream at a small shop in a country town.


  1. In most situations on page SEO is the best marketing investment.
  2. When choosing an SEO marketing company, do your research well. Don't be sucked in by shysters over promising and under delivering. Firstly check their SEO company's own site popularity by typing their company URL into the text box at  While you're at it check your and your competitors' site popularity ranking. Improvements (rank number getting smaller) are a major key performance indicator (KPI) of 4 Web Marketing's SEO marketing work.
  3. Good SEO marketing starts with our $40 keyword research and reporting. Helping our clients know rather than guess their "trophy phrase" and other phrases to target on landing pages, rather than GUESS phrase, is an inexpensive, ESSENTIAL first step in on page SEO marketing for all businesses.

Click here to see just a few of "4 Web Marketing" organic SEO winners, yellow highlighted:


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