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Search Engines with "+" symbol have been found effective for Boolean searches.

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Grokker visual search engine

1. Google
3. Yahoo!
2. MS Bing
4. AOL Time Warner

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The best tip is use "+" between the keywords you use in your search. Example: +accommodation+scarborough+perth
This would eliminate the trillions of pages with each of these words separately. ie deletes accommodation in Perth Scotland where there is no Scarborough. Deletes accommodation in every web page including any Perth web pages unless they include the word scarborough.  If you don't get enough hits, reduce the number of searchable keywords or use another search engine.

Whether you are selling goods/services directly, using the web to develop sales leads or promoting a worthy cause, effective site submission following engine rules is a must!

We submit your site to 750,000 search engines for you (US$40) or you can do it yourself using the links on this page.  (Bookmark this page now and look for words such as "Add URL")

PAGE TITLE: When 4 Web Marketing Page Builder generates your page, whatever PAGE TITLE you provide will be placed between the <TITLE> and </TITLE> tags on the web page. The information in the Title Tag on a web page is displayed in the title bar at the top of your web browser when you visit that page. This is extremely important for some of the search engines that spider your site because it will determine on how your website is indexed in some search engines, and can strongly affect how well your website is positioned (ranked) with keyword searches. You should make sure that important keywords are included in your title and text of your page.

DESCRIPTION   You will notice that when you do a search on a search engine, a short description of the site is listed along with the link. Some search engines will use whatever you place here, giving you control over the description. It can also help give you a better position if your description is well written.

Tip: Use the plus sign + between keywords when searching

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The vast majority of web surfers (85%+) use Search Engines
to find what they are looking for on the web.

When other sources of information are included,
search engines are still more important than other sources

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Search Engines

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