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 What Next

1. Select a Search Engine Marketing Plan

HINT: The more you invest in Search Engine marketing strategies the better the results. We'd love to be able to tell you how to get a gazillion visitors for five bucks but the reality is it takes time and effort. The more you invest in Search Engine marketing the better chances you have of top search engine position.

EG, if you're in a competitive market such as accommodation, then a lot of work needs to be done to even start competing in ranking wars against some of the large established hotels and their agents.

. If the pages you want optimised 4 search engine marketing lack keywords, (not pictures of words like the graphic design at the top of this page) you will need to email us between half to a full A4 equivalent page of your keyword rich and keyword dense text and the file name eg "index.htm" of the web pages you want optimised for search engine marketing.

. Email 4 Search Engine Marketing 10 keyword phrases for EACH page you want optimised. Less if the keyword phrase is very competitive. Each page should have a mix of generic keywords and more specific keywords such as place names or other proper nouns eg: "real estate agent, perth real-estate, real estate agent perth australia." "internet marketing australia" "web marketing australia"

4. Start your website promotion investment by opening a Web Marketing Consultation account with us, if you don't think 4 Web Marketing Australia are currently the best in the world and you can't select a plan without more than the free 15 minute intro individual web marketing strategies consultation.

. Complete your profile in the Submission to Multiple Search Engines form.

 After Search Engine Marketing

Wait SEVERAL WEEKS for your site's listings after we submit your site to the search engines.

4 Web Marketing Australia will tweak your pages and re-submit them to the search engines properly if necessary. (If a search engine's rules say do not resubmit again for three weeks, we won't.)

Most search engine submissions go through smoothly the first time but if there is a problem, be prepared to wait... unless you are willing to pay hundreds TO EACH Search Engine for express search engine registration!

If you have a domain name containing proper nouns, for example and you're a Perth real estate agent, I recommend you register keyword rich domain names such as  This reflects what you do and where you do it. If you pay someone like a web developer for domain name registration, make sure (in writing) that the domain name is registered in YOUR name.

Try to improve your site's popularity and link count by exchanging links from other websites to yours. Read more search engine position ranking strategies.

The best web marketing follow-up to visitors to your website is to have an opt-in ezine - an online newsletter.

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