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The Please Can You Have a Search Engine Specialist Look at My Web Page Report

Would you like a VERY experienced human with search engine spider eyes to look at your web page and email back an in depth report scoring key factors keeping your page lost in Cyber Space and providing prioritised recommendations to you and your web designer to fix your SEO problems? Discuss this web report with your copywriter / web developer. If you want experts in this field to get you on page one of search engines select a Web Marketing Plan. If you want to DIY SEO read what you get with a 4 Web Marketing Web Report

  • Meta, title and header tag recommendations
  • Link text report and recommendations for SEO
  • Search engine marketing tips
  • Advice about how to get search engines to easily spider your content
  • Advice about copywriting for SEO

Example WebPage Report

The following serious webpage problems were noted:

webpage analysis reportThis Webpage Analysis Report prepared by
Ben Grummels
Professional Web Marketing Consultant
1 March 2007

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US$100 Professional Webpage Report
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This web report does NOT include search engine marketing training.  If you do not understand terms used in the report, you can study our "search engine faq" and "search engine marketing tips pages" or buy search engine optimisation training @ Aust$300 ex GST per hour.

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