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Web Page Analysis Report

The Please Can You Have a Search Engine Specialist Look at My Web Page Report


Web page analysis reports

Would you like a VERY experienced human with search engine spider eyes to analyse your web page and email you back a Web Page Analysis Report scoring key factors keeping your page lost in CyberSpace? Discuss this web report with your web developer or free for 10 minutes with our web markers. If you want experts in this field to get you on page one of search engines select a Web Marketing Plan

If you'd like this web analysis report:

  1. Invest $100 html document type definition dtd

  2. Tick the box "Website analysis and reporting" on our contact form.

Example Report :

The following serious problems were noted:

1. No page Title (Very important criteria for most search engines)
2. No continuity in targeted words. Get focused
3. Targeted keywords and your domain name don't match. Register a keyword rich domain name.
4. Very poor keywords meta tag
5. Poor description meta tag
6. No alt image tags. Not only for Search Engines but for visually impaired and toned down browsers.
7. Site uses Frames
8. Too many nested tables.  Shunts order of text in html
9. Too much graphics ( Search Engines read text, not pictures of text )
10. Your home page with some of the problems above, re-directs to another irrelevant site.
11. Too much script and html clutter in the <head> of your page </head>
12. Quality of links to your site could be better. Links for popular sites are better than links from low popularity sites. See Link Report


This web report does NOT include search engine optimisation training for good position of organic search results.  If you do not understand terms used in the report, you can study our "search engine faq" and "search engine marketing tips pages" or buy search engine optimisation training @ Aust$300 ex GST per hour.

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The Good Keywords Report comes Free with all web marketing plans and Domain Name Registration.  The Good Keywords Report is also offered as a special web marketing promotion one month a year

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