Uptime Monitoring

Uptime Monitoring Report

INDEPENDENT uptime monitoring reports are ESSENTIAL to stay listed on search engines. If your web hosting service provider is unreliable with more down time than a Scottish scuba diving union boss, YOU need to know FAST so you can fix this BIG problem or change to a RELIABLE web hosting service provider. Uptime monitoring report triggering can be set by number of hosting failures before automatically email uptime reporting to you, your or your web server administrator.   Imagine what reputation a search engine would have if they displayed too many "Error 404 Page Can Not Be Found" after sites listed in their results page we not on line because for example a car crashed into an electrical power pole outside their data centre and their stand by generator didn't kick in! What should they do? Get a reliable electrical power supply or put more simply provide reliable web hosting.

Uptime Monitoring

Search engines bots continually crawl the web, reporting changes to web pages.  If a page is deleted it will also be removed from the search engine index.  What do you thing search engines would do to your listing if your site was down when a search engine spider (bot) visited it?

Uptime Monitoring Report

In-house Uptime Monitoring Reports

Can you believe them?  If you host your own site, can you believe your server administration manager whose job may be on the line for providing unreliable web hosting?  Will they truthfully report web hosting failures to you?  I think small businesses best leave internet security to professional web hosting service providers.  Cheap web hosting abounds some with good reliability performance reports.  When I phone a web hosting service provider, the first question I ask them to report on is not how much, but what has been the percent reliability of your web hosting in the past 12 months or another way of putting it: what has been your average percentage server uptime in the past year?  If I get an answer of worse than 99.5%, I look elsewhere for web hosting. Even then I've been lied to buy providers who have blown their downtime quota of failures within the first month!  (The second thing I do is time how fast it took me to speak to a real person who knows what they're talking about. Price is much less of a consideration) As the Irish say, "sure to be sure" INDEPENDENT uptime monitoring reports are ESSENTIAL.

Uptime Monitoring Summary

Reliable web hosting is ESSENTIAL to stay listed in search engines.  If your pages aren't online at 4am in the morning for example when web hosting service providers do unannounced, unscheduled, unapologised, unreported, web server maintenance, YOU need to know about outages especially if it happens repeatedly and or for long periods of time.


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Uptime Monitoring and Reporting Service

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