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Find out who's linking to your site with our Link Report

Find who's supporting your competitors by linking to them.  Go through the link count report and ask them for link exchanges with your site too.

See which links are the better "dofollow" link juice than "nofollow" links to your site.


  1. URLs of broken internal links in your website - report.

  2. URLs of sites linking to your site with dofollow links, in order of the best quality backlinks at the top of the list of backlinks.

  3. URLs of sites linking to your site with nofollow links.

  4. URLs of sites linking to support one of your competitors sites.

  5. Link building recommendations. Where to can get links from thousands of sites.

  6. Includes Free Site Popularity Report

  7. Check of link QUALITY ( links from popular sites, .gov sites, etc )

  8. At least one free, good "dofollow" backlink from our website/s.

  9. Duplicate content report.

Backlinks areimportant factors for good search engine position, you may want to find who is linking to your site and reward them.
This report identifies external absolute links to 4 pages you nominate and counts inbound links to you.  Our software interrogates the Google search engine.

In our Link Report application form below, enter the web address of 4 pages. You can include competitors' web addresses and then request sites linking to your competitors to also link to your site.  Expect the Link Report within 2 working days by email after your completion of our Link Report application form below

Extract Example of Link Count Report

First page of 4 x10 links to of about half a million inbound links !

text version
... valid html - link to in new window. - 5k from April 2002: broken link!
... There is a link to this page on your site under HTTP
Not sure what can be done - I can't find the information. ... 2002Apr/0005.html - 5k from November 2000: RE: Link colour problem
... [] Sent: Tuesday, 28 November 2000 11:20
AM To:; Subject: Re: Link colour problem ... www-style/2000Nov/0075.html - 7k

Internet Tools - iTools
... Link Poplularity Check ยป Find out how many web sites link to a given URL site
URL: eg: ... web page URL: eg: ... - 15k

Order Link Report before  to receive a BONUS free Site Popularity Report

Normally US$40 (Both Link Reports and Site Popularity Reports are included FREE till  with any Web Marketing Plan

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