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From your site stats you know the most popular words researchers use to get to your site, but you most likely don't know which other words search engine users are using that you might NOT have thought to target in your web pages. This is missed opportunity. You supply several keywords and we'll send you a list of similar words and phrases researchers commonly search for and typos, related to the words you supply. Report shows most common ordering of words by their search volume. Count is how many times the word or phrase was searched for in the past month on a search engine which works with our software.

When doing keyword research it is good practice to:

  1. compare apples with apples. Example of one of many phrases in good keywords research report chart below.

  2. get keyword ideas and "break out phrases"

  3. keyword search volumes and

  4. if you're doing PPC / SEM note comptition for phrases.

Google Trends keyword research

The Good Keywords Report is ESSENTIAL:

  1. For buying an exact match domain name

  2. For working out the best structure of your website for future SEO.

  3. For identifying the most searched phrases you may want to build new webpages and landing pages for.  For example is it digital marketing australia, website promotion australia, website marketing australia, australian website promotion, australian website marketing, etc etc.
    A client thought their most important phrase was "weight loss" when in fact more people searched for "weight loss program"  By addition of the word "program" they would not only target "weight loss" but at no extra expense more than double visitors to their site.
    Thanks to the Good Keywords Report, I know, which phrase is searched for the most and therefore which phrase to select as my PRIMARY target for embedding in my home and other pages. ESSENTIAL for keyword selectio

  4. For sharing with your web designer, copywriter and business partners.

Before choosing a keyword rich domain name ("exact match domain name".  Put aside guessing and hoping.  If you want this US$40 keyword research report:

  1. Invest via secure Paypal.

  2. Type your targeted keywords into the safe Google form below and confirm your report investment. Don't forget your email in the form otherwise we can't send the report to you.

Expect to receive your report after 3 working days. If not please contact us. After receiving the keywords research report, share it with your intellectual property (IP) controller (recommend the owner of the business/website), web designer, copywriter, etc and then get back to us to invest in getting your sales information in front of the eyeballs of people searching for your phrases.

Did you know that after "accommodation" the next most searched for phrase is "santa cruz accommodation" We'll even count searches for your word/s and similar words and sort the list. If you are in the hospitality industry try "accommodation your town name"
Did you know the misspelling count of "accomodation" is quite high on the list.

Bonus free 4 phrase keyword trend reports included. Example comparing search volumes for popular cities:


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Secure US$40 Good Keywords Report Payment

searched phrase report
After seeing this, guess which Australian named Ben registered the keyword rich domain name

Good Keywords Report Example

The example report below shows what was searched on a mid sized search engine in the past month and how many times. You can multiply this count by at least 1,000 for searches on Google. Copy words pertaining to your business from the Good Keywords Reports 4WebMarketing send you, into whichever search engine marketing plan you select. Often other words or phrase surprise web owners with a higher count than the phrase they'd always guessed was their primary phrase.


internet advertising,707738
advertising lead generation,435514
online advertising,75966
free advertising,31143
search engine advertising,23984
advertising agency,20884
advertising specialty,17865
business advertising,12870
web advertising,10755
banner advertising,10296
advertising job,7758
marketing and advertising,7742
web site advertising,7153
billboard advertising,4887
classified advertising,4848
outdoor advertising,4623
advertising idea,4359
advertising promotion,4358
advertising product,4201
advertising company,4156
promotional advertising,4091
pay per click advertising,4035
ezine advertising,3722
yellow page advertising,3640
advertising slogan,3465
email advertising,3409
advertising age,3353
advertising firm,3169
subliminal advertising,3140
direct response advertising,2889
advertising campaign,2624
radio advertising,2617
advertising specialty item,2598
newspaper advertising,2337
advertising balloon,2304
free internet advertising,2256
history of advertising,2251
tv advertising,2209
advertising career,2186
direct mail advertising,2146
small business advertising,2137
advertising specialty product,2027
advertising a car,2011
advertising technique,1963
magazine advertising,1823
free advertising online,1704
free classified advertising,1652
interactive advertising,1592
advertising strategy,1584
advertising award,1558
advertising specialty company,1557
pay per click search engine advertising,1534
pop up advertising,1522
advertising sign,1522
television advertising,1520
advertising services,1392
free web site advertising,1373
mobile advertising,1366
advertising pen,1366
free web advertising,1358
tobacco advertising,1354
advertising magnet,1346
advertising photography,1338
real estate advertising,1333
advertising specialty institute,1333
chicago advertising agency,1158 advertising,1144
advertising design,1142
sex in advertising,1123
advertising austin gary herein property,1119
advertising cost,1118
promotional product advertising,1098
cheap advertising,1089
false advertising,1082
cigarette advertising,1045

honolulu advertiser,45277
montgomery advertiser,15888
daily advertiser,7568
atlanta advertiser,2376
lafayette daily advertiser,2147
the honolulu advertiser,1900
clanton advertiser,1428
advertiser tribune,1382
adelaide advertiser,1172
advertiser affiliate program,1043
the want advertiser,977
galway advertiser,955
action advertiser,539
lafayette advertiser,522
advertiser honolulu newspaper,480
advertiser canaan new,433
advertiser county tuscola,399
creston news advertiser,355
daily advertiser lafayette la,347
advertiser geelong,339
advertiser tallahassee,310
advertiser saugus,307
advertiser eldon,284
advertiser wellington,258
advertiser classifieds honolulu,256
advertiser bendigo,251
montgomery advertiser newspaper,248
advertiser news,248
advertiser newspaper,238
advertiser surrey,233
advertiser bastrop,228
advertiser hawaii,223
tiffin advertiser tribune,210
advertiser ajax news pickering,199
advertiser association national,196
advertiser ajax news,195
east aurora advertiser,193
direct advertiser,189
advertiser kentville,183
advertiser antioch,177
advertiser kootenay,176
advertiser news pickering,168
advertiser aurora,160
advertiser democrat,157
advertiser honolulu obituary,153
advertiser network,153
advertiser airdrie coatbridge,151
advertiser classified honolulu,147
advertiser gleam,146
advertiser moulton,144
advertiser daily newspaper,136
advertiser hamilton,132
advertiser email marketing offer,130
advertiser croydon,129
daily advertiser lafayette louisiana,115
advertiser warwick,114
advertiser woodbridge,111
advertiser amory,108
advertiser county lake,108
advertiser perthshire,107
advertiser maidenhead,106
advertiser falls grand,103
advertiser laurens,103
advertiser ohio,100
calais advertiser,98
advertiser harrogate,98
newark advertiser,97
evening advertiser,96
anderson valley advertiser,94
advertiser ohio tiffin tribune,94
advertiser montgomery obituary,93
account advertiser advertiser classifieds click engine free pay per ppc result search services web websurf,90


The Good Keywords Report comes Free with all web marketing plans and or Domain Name Registration.  The Good Keywords Report is also offered as a Free special web marketing promotion one month a year.

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