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search engine position ranking

Find out how your URL ranks with several of the major search engines using a few keyword phrases with search engine position ranking reports. Search to depth of 50 hits. (10th position on page 5 of search engine results). Search engine position ranking, ranks your site's (and your competitors' and top sites, at the same time) findability position with The 30 major search engines, according to the STRATEGIC keywords you supply. We then email the Position Ranking report to you.
Includes comparison  with your oppositions' web page ranking.

The Position Ranking Report Includes average link count to your site. Searched 50 hits deep into THE major Search Engines.

An aspect of managing your website promotion is to make sure that your website gets to the top of the list, using the Search Engine Positioning advice Page Advisor's report gives you. It is however, just as important to maintain that position over time. Rank Check reports, allows you to see your website's position over time on several major search engines at once. The reports will show you in graphs and charts as well as text, the ranking trends for your site.

You can also view in Rank Check reports, something called "Link Count." Link Count can affect your positioning on some engines. You can use this Position Ranking Report to display your link counts on supported engines. The higher the link count to you, the better. (Link Exchange Program)

Don't suicide after seeing the Position Ranking Report about your site.  We have the website promotion plan - guaranteed to dramatically boost your position ranking problem?

If the Position Ranking Report shows that you are on page one of most major search engines, you won't need our Search Engine Marketing Plans however there may be other phrases that are not performing so well on the search engines.

Position Ranking Reports are included with Monthly Web Marketing Plans

Below is an example of one of many search engine position ranking report tables for the keyword phrase "accommodation scarborough beach" 
Click REPORTS for a more complete example of search engine position RANKING and other reports.

search engine position ranking report

Left, one of many report tables emailed to you.
This example searching the keyword phrase "accommodation scarborough beach" Click thumbnail if you want expansion.

(For this phrase notice my office at my partner's BeachFront accommodation is now in position one page one of  Try it )

Position Ranking Order Form


Shows your web page's position compared to your competitions' on major search engines including Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.

Domain (URL,Address) of web page you want ranked 

Web Addresses (URLs) of up-to 5 competitors.
Example above shows one phrase x 10 competitors

Up-to 8 Strategic keyword phrases www surfers might likely search to find above pages
eg "accommodation perth", "hotel perth" etc.

Email to send comparison position ranking report.

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Once you've ordered your report by clicking the button below, please click the "back" button if making Secure Online Payment to complete this form or snail mail your cheque of Aust$57 to:  4 Web Marketing, POB 334, Scarborough, Western Australia 6922

This ranking report searches several major search engines to a depth of 50 hits deep. If you want your web pages searched to a depth of 200 hits deep click Secure Online Payment twice only.



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Search Engine Position Ranking Reporter

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