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A mix of SEO, Social Media Marketing and Google Map Marketing

$3,000 Starts Your Digital Marketing Plan

Digital Marketing is a must 4 web marketing to develop sales leads or promoting a worthy cause. On the left of this page is our sales pitch. The right shows what you get. SEOed web pages, proper site submission according to search engine rules, and quality, natural link building are some important web marketing strategies. This Silver Web Marketing Plan is fully comprehensive except for backlink building ie organising 10 "dofollow" links from other sites to your site) which is an additional $400.

We've discounted this entry level web marketing plan for small business to $3,000 deposit + $250 per month. Unlike our competitors who keep you on drip payments of $900 per month forever, your $250 per month investment stops after 16 months.

This Silver Digital Marketing Plan will get most, except extremely competitive phrases (such as "hotel london etc), on page one of most major search engine results. Your listing will most likely stay on page one for years especially if supported by a good, natural link building campaign.

Read some of our digital marketing clients' reviews.

Silver Digital Marketing Plan form below asks what phrases you are targeting and for which of your new or existing web pages?
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Why 5 page? Because I pulled it out of my thumb. Consumers need to know what they get and what their marketing investment is.

How many phrases per page? It depends on how competitive your phrases are. Several phrases for an average business in a regional town. A few phrases per page for a large city. Your primary phrase will get on page one. Other phrases from the same page might get on page 1, 2 or 3. One phrase per page for world domination.

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Search Engine
Marketing Guarantee

Australian search engine marketing guarantee
To AT LEAST triple your site popularity
in AT LEAST 6 months.

Above is a preliminary Silver Digital Marketing Contact form. Next you will be contacted by our senior search engine marketing consultant. In a free digital marketing review he will explain major problems of why your website has been lost among billions in search engine results. Our search engine marketing consultant will guide you through the next search engine marketing form which let's 4 Web Marketing know URLs of which existing web pages and what phrases you're chasing.

Silver Digital Marketing Plan Includes:

  1. Good Keyword Report and consultation including competitor analysis.

  2. Google's "User Experience" report for mobile and desktops.

  3. Two new keyword rich, exact match (as best available) domain names, in YOUR name.

  4. Copywriting for SEO expertise which includes copy for 5 landing pages, written for position in search engines.

  5. Five optimised pages for several phrases per webpage. (The more competitive, the less phrases per page)

  6. Social media marketing (SMM or SMO) including:

    • photos and links to your home page from at least 4 social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin and Pinterest.

    • follow buttons on pages optimised.

  7. Review marketing: At least two five star reviews.

  8. Backlink building

  9. Help with improving your "Google My Business" page.

  10. Online advertising: Set-up, publishing, management of your banner ads on multiple, popular, relevant websites.

  11. Review marketing.

  12. Map Marketing: Free linked pins on our popular maps such as  Includes embedding your video and or photos on our popular Google Maps.

  13. Your video on our Youtube Channel which has had over a million views.

  14. Video marketing advice. Eg: Have you got a link (call to action) in your Youtube videos?

  15. Broken link report and fixing fixable broken links which stop search engine spiders crawling your site.

  16. Searching for and fixing at least 5 pages of duplicate content and reporting.

  17. Searching for and fixing up-to 20 broken links.

  18. Up-to 5 hours of web marketing consultation including research, reports, perusal and response of up-to 20 emails valued at $1,650.

  19. If you have a problematic (for search engines) site such as a dynamic site (asp php jsp etc) or web pages with lots of "include files", then we will organise and pay for the set-up and first 12 months of professional web hosting of a doorway site designed to drive traffic to your existing site. Your new 5 page site will have the same look and feel as your existing site so visitors will hardly know they left to your existing site. If you use our hosting set-up you'll be able log-in any time to see stats about visitors to your site, including:

    • keyword phrases visitors used to find your page,

    • your popular pages

    • where visitors came from

    • which pages they came in from search engines.

  20. Basic social media optimisation (SMO including a Facebook or Linkedin set-up.

  21. Position ranking reports to show off your search engine position.

  22. Site popularity reports.

  23. Good link juice: We'll link to your site from 5 of our popular sites to kick off your link building program. Inclusion of your "dofollow" links on our high page authority pages, as a first step to increasing your link popularity and therefore position up the search results.

  24. Link building consultation.

  25. Directory, Forum and popular bookmarking site submission.

20% discount on optional extra video marketing services.

OPTIONAL A$110 one hour per monthly web marketing support gets you:

  • On going work of the essential link building for success of:

    • VERY COMPETITIVE phrases

    • Portals or sites trying to be winners for MANY competitive phrases.

  • Up Time Monitoring Reports

  • 10 minute web marketing phone consultation per month.

  • Position Ranking Reports every July and January while you're our client.

  • Site stats including Site Popularity Report.

If you need help with this form telephone
Australian search engine marketing plan
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