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Web Development summary:

  1. Brain storm with your associates what you want your small business website designed in Perth Australia to tell the world.

  2. Flowchart of your small business website

  3. Get the FREE essential Good Keywords Report BEFORE domain name registration and if possible before Trade Mark Registration relating to your small business.

  4. Small business web design Perth for the world.

  5. Optimisation of web pages designed in Perth for search engines.

  6. Uploading your web design in Perth Australia after your approval of the draft.

  7. Submission to Search Engines of your profile including web address.

  8. Opt-in Email Marketing of your find-able small business website.

Small Business Custom Designed Website
Puts Money In Your Pockets... Guaranteed!

Small Business Web Development

99% of the so-called business web-sites being created by (well meaning) web designers just don't work.

Putting it bluntly - they are about as useful as a screen door on a submarine!

If you want your website to stop being a money waster and start being a 24/7 profit generator... you need to stop what you're doing and give  me your full attention.

in the next few moments you're going to discover how to get a great killer mini site for your business.  A site that actually delivers your message in a simple easy-to-respond-to format.

 A 'Direct Response' website that brings in results can be one of your most powerful assets.  An asset that you can leverage, and make use of to bring in wads of money every time you run a promotion.

Benefits Description
3,300 Your Own 5 Page Killer Direct Response Mini WebSite Design

You'll Receive:

  • One on one consultation with professional web designers.

  • Powerful homepage that delivers your sales message in a simple, easy-to-understand format

  • Template (Value $500)

  • Links Link Exchange Form page.

  • Links page.

  • A Direct Response Form (valued at $200. You Must have Front Page Server Extensions to host this form)

  • Bonus additional, approximately A4 equivalent, web page

60 Essential Good Keywords Report BEFORE registering a  domain name
140  domain name registration We'll save you money, time and stress by taking care of this for you.  Don't worry if you've already got a web address. Have both work for you. Chances are your current address is not keyword rich and therefore a handicap with good search engine position.  We arrange redeligation of the new domain name (point it to your home page) and setup of new email matching your new domain or redirection of new email to your old email address.


Search Engine Marketing We'll create search-engine friendly 'Key Words' and permeate them throughout your site. This will DRAMATICALLY increase your chances of being found by web surfers looking for the products/services that you want to sell to them!

"In the last four years I have provided marketing and advertising advice to over two-hundred different businesses.  Whenever anyone asks me about website promotion, I have only one answer... Speak to "

250 First year RELIABLE webhosting (a place on a web server, 24/7 running computer, where your web pages and images are served to the www) Includes COMPREHENSIVE site stats, email management, FAST technical support not lots of phone buttons and muzac.
100 Links to your site from our popular sites.
519 Link Exchange Programme  Deduct this off the total Small Business Plan if YOU want to organise links from other sites to yours.
77 Up-loading and initial set-up of your web. No need to take left link and complete the form if we organised your web hosting.
60 Submit Your Site to THE Major Search Engines
248 1 year linked pin on the VERY popular (because it's 1st on Yahoo) Map of Australia or for international clients banner ad placement.
$10,745 Quickly add up the figures on the left hand side of this page and you'll see they come to $10,625 But... If you invest in this plan BEFORE midnight . The Total web design and web marketing Investment For Your Killer Mini WebSite is just $9,600 including tax.

Saving = $1,154

PS Take action now whilst it's fresh on your mind  because this small business special web development offer won't last forever... Don't you think you owe it to yourself to get your own Killer  Mini Custom designed WebSite up and making money for you ASAP?


Small Business Website Form:

Please let us know what style of Web Design you like? ie what is your favourite site's URL?



  • Web design planning saves time and money.  Small Business website design begins when ALL your CONTENT (images, text, etc) arrives AT THE SAME TIME as payment to:

    4 Web Marketing, 
    POB 334,
    Scarborough, (Perth)
    Western Australia
    Australia 6922

  • Our specialist web designers weave your content together.  Handwritten content incurs an extra fee for typing.

  • Changes or additional pages can be added AT ADDITIONAL cost after the Small Business website draft is complete. Minor changes of up to an hour of web work are free after the first draft only.

  • That this plan does not include secure e-commerce shopping carts.  If you require this now, please discuss this extra significant work with 4 Web Marketing BEFORE you click the submit button below.

POB 334
Scarborough (Perth)
Western Australia 6922

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