Website Promotion Plan
Website Promotion

Competitive Keyword Rich Doorway Pages

Get site popularity via good position ranking with each of the major search engines. Each search engine ranks web pages differently (technical term is they use different algorithms). The table at the bottom of the page summarises this.  The smart thing is to build perfect doorway pages suited for a keyword phrase, for each search engine.  This takes a lot of work but the results are a very well position ranked website, even against the toughest competition. This plan is not recommended if for example you have the only shop selling snow skis in the central Australia but well worth the investment if you're promoting competitive goods/services say for example accommodation in Perth.  Both these keywords: "accommodation and "perth", even in a phrase would have a lot of competition in the search engines position ranking wars.

What 4 Web Marketing does for your $30,000 one off.

  • Position Ranks your site against your competitors before and after.  You know, like the Jenny Craig but our pictures are of DETAILED positioning ranking stats so you can see the difference to your bottom line rather than your waist. Bi-monthly position ranking reports.
  • Site Popularity Ranking Report before and after.
  • Good Keyword Reports to help you decide what phrases to target pertaining to your business and to help you choose your 6 Free domain names pointed to 6 pages in your new website. Proof of your ownership of the domain name included.  1 hour consultation with you about this report.

  • Free web hosting: reliable web hosting, secure web hosting of a newly designed doorway site to drive traffic to your site.

  • Free COMPREHENSIVE site stats accessible any time.

  • 16 hours of our delux Social Media Marketing Plan. There after @ $66 per hour

  • Continual Up Time Monitoring Reports

  • 6 new keyword rich email addresses 4 of which will be redirected to any email address you nominate. Comes with anti-spam filtering and auto-responders.

  • Analyse your home page with our specialised software and present you with a VERY COMPREHENSIVE report including optimisation tips which we will use to optimise your page.
  • Find and fix html errors in your home page.
  • Optimises your 3 new Gateway pages and host and host on 2 of our independent web server and one in your web.
  • Optimises your home page. If it uses frames with no keywords that the search engines can't find (not you see) we'll build you a new optimised home page with an "enter" link to your sick old frames home page.
  • Web design and 2 years reliable hosting of a new doorway site with pages optimised for a particular keyword phrases, to drive traffic to your existing site.
  • A a search engine spiderable bulletin board added to your new site
  • Submits your profile including URL, email, phone, etc to ten major search engines and country specific search engines.
  • Manual submission of your site to DMOZ directory in the correct category following search engine rules.

  • Over 100 quality links arranged to your site from POPULAR sites with our Link Exchange Program
  • Email signature file design.
  • Map Marketing
    • Button ad or if international client a banner ad on the map of Australia
    • Linked pin on which gets 1 million views per year.
    • Written review on Google Maps by me

    • 5 of your photos uploaded to Panoramio with links from this Google owned site to your site and possible depending on your photos, inclusion on Google Earth. (We'll demonstrate the many photos of ours on Google Earth and discuss strategies)

    • LINKED pin on the map of Australia to your website and emailing you the URL code for insertion on your a email signature file. Code can easily configured by: Post code,  Radius,  Keywords (unique to your profile if you don't want to show your competitors on the map of Australia 
  • Redirects this keyword rich domain name to you current website or if given your web hosting server's DNS details, sets up the registrar's server with your web hosting server's details.
  • One hour of consultation if required.  To save this for important advice we recommend that if you are having problems being registered by search engines, that your marketing executive/s read our free tips and check for gross mistakes such as repeated keywords on EVERY page in your site and other spamming tricks the search engines will catch you with, such as body text the same colour as your background. Other consultation for example might be about keywords in your domain name. (that's why 4 Web Marketing has invested registering names such as Keyword rich domains will add value to websites put up for sale.
  • Tweaking and if necessary proper resubmission to search engines (following search engine rules) over the next 3 months.
  • A hypertext listing in 4 Web Marketing's directory. We get 255,000 hits per month so if you're getting less than that this might be the start of improving your link popularity as it has for our other clients.
  • Australian Trade Mark registration research and application.
  • Free Email Marketing campaign set-up with detailed tracking / reporting and your control via your web control panel.
  • Inclusion of your advertorial in the 4 Web Marketing e-Newsletter (ezine) to all our subscribers.

No.1 TARGETED KEYWORD PHRASE What is your MOST important keyword phrase you hope and GUESS people use to search for you?  We'll email you Good Keywords Reports which reduce guessing.  You might be surprised at more frequently searched for alternative phrases.  We build an extra doorway page base on this keyword phrase after consulting the report with you. Up-to 50 other phrases below.

If you're going for world search engine domination and you've selected a very competitive keyword phrase such as " computer sales " and if you don't have a keyword rich domain name, are you prepared to buy one for a small additional fee ?  No Yes


POSITION RANKING  Skip this optional extra if you know your site is lost in Cyberspace. Ranks your site's (and competitors' at the same time) position with THE 46 major search engines, according to the STRATEGIC keywords you choose.

Optional: Enter 3 Competitors' URLs

PAGE ANALYSIS Quick manual check by experienced professional of your: title, meta tags and for frames.  Free of Charge and free email report.  OR:
Comprehensive Software analysis and report
Fix 6 of your pages including your home page for findability.
Enter your page web address and 10 keyword phrases in lower case separated by commas:

IF you prefer we can design completely NEW doorway pages (mainly text) to ADD to your website.  This works out at Aust$100 per page. ie half price of our Deluxe page design. IF you take this option just insert the title of your NEW page instead of its web address in the next box below.

1 usually home page

Just complete the details above only and send $200 if you only want one page (usually your homepage) optimised.


Suggest same few strategic keyword phrases and several new ones:

Suggest same few strategic keyword phrases and several new ones:

Suggest same few strategic keyword phrases and several new ones:

Suggest same few strategic keyword phrases and several new ones:


Suggest same few strategic keyword phrases and several new ones:


4 Web Marketing sends your new fixed pages to your web hosting company (Or free email them back to you for you or your web developer to upload) Your confidential ftp details must be EXACTLY correct.  If not you pay the $40 for every set-up & upload retry. If you want us to upload your new fixed pages enter your CORRECT confidential details here:
Username Case sensitive. Please double check.
Password Case sensitive. Please double check.
Your site address (ftp address, Not necessarily URL)
Case sensitive. Please double check.

Does your web hosting company (often your ISP) have " Microsoft's FrontPage Server Extensions" active for your account information detailed above ? Ask them. One third do.


What was the approximate date of your last submission of your web page address to search engines ?


(Valued at Aust$80 included with this plan)
Submit your profile to THE major 46 Search Engines and country specific search engines; total of 1,600 Search Engines. (or if you prefer to over 750,000 search engines tick this boxbut expect some spam email such as "Your submission to FAA Search Engines Turkey has been successful and will be registered in a few days; would you now like to buy some Viagra?" )

After submission, registration of your profile by search engines takes varying days weeks or months (eg Yahoo) to register. We recommend a Aust$20 before and after Position Ranking analysis and report so that you can check improvement or failure of your position rankings. (Failure in some search engines can be caused by some of the factors as listed on our home page. Most common factor being after a Search Engine robot finds a repeated keyword in one of your web page meta tags after it crawled through your site your site.


Contact Details
Your Name
Your organisation's Chairperson  / director / CEO / Sole Trader name and or billing name.
Your email address
Telephone number
Brief Message



Cheque to 4 Web Marketing, POB 334, Scarborough, Western Australia, 6922

Bank transfer.  Will email you details.

American Express No:  AMEX PIN
Name on card     Expiry Date

US or Euro or Australian dollars cash.


9  FREE bonus if you submit your order payment BEFORE midnight  2002

  • Six days accommodation for 2 people Hundreds of quality Australian hotels and resorts in every state to choose from. (You are expected to pay for meals) and

  • "How to Start an Ezine" guide and 185 page "Great Headlines Instantly" valued at hundreds of dollars.

  • Be my guest at 7 am Business Network International breakfast at the new Aqua's Restaurant, The Esplanade south, Scarborough Beach foreshore. Bring your business cards and speech prep. or

  • Free marketing manual

These bonus offers not available for BarterCard payment



Search Engines: Factors Used for Position Ranking Your Web Pages.

Google Factor. First 61 Characters displayed in listing. Link popularity, keywords near each other, keywords in URLs, Themes Spam, Acrobat files, Alt image text, XML, Java applets, comment tags, spam. Not used 3 to 7 % works well. Keywords should be close to each other. Keywords should be in text and links. No mention Very important, especially from relevant pages with many links.
DMOZ Slightly Appropriate category listing, concise and accurate descriptions. Spam Small weighting Not used. Human editors' judgement, especially good if in appropriate category. Poor design Not important for DMOZ, but is important for some of its partners who use Inktomi
AltaVista Very. Should be unique for every page. Plain text only, link popularity, keywords in links, uncommon words, good navigation Acrobat files, Alt image text, XML, Java applets, comment tags, spam. Not important Only indexes first 2 occurrences of a keyword, and may penalize for excessive use. Important top of page. Disliked Very important
MSN Yes Themes, Popularity, Looksmart submission Spam, frames Both used. 250 character description. 1000 Character keywords Important 4 to 8 per page. No mention No Important, uses Inktomi
Yahoo Factor Appropriate category, Concise, accurate descriptions,Keywords Spam Both used No. Human editors' judgement, especially if in appropriate category. Exclusion likely. Very important, uses Google.
Lycos Yes Themes Spam, URLs with special characters. Only reads robot tag. No mention Title and top of page. No mention No mention. Is a factor.
Excite Factor Keywords on home page, meta description, themes. No indication Description important Not mentioned but ensure they are all over your homepage. Index page should have necessary keywords. No mention Important
HotBot Very important. Meta tags, Page title, Lack of stop words, lots of keywords, link popularity. Spam, Frames, cookies, URLs with special characters. Both very important Very important.
3 to 7% standard.
Text length frequency of keywords important Pages delisted. Important. Uses Inktomi
Look Smart No Quality content and look, functionality and interactivity. Spam, Pornography, violence, sites with few pages, low content quality. Not used but your description will be edited by LookSmart No. High quality, interesting and usefulness important. Possible exclusion. Not important
Northern Lights Yes. Up-to 250 Characters Lots of links, Lots of keywords in text, uncommon keywords, keyword context Alt tags, hidden or invisible text, spam. Not used Very important in text.  3 to 7% Ranks body text. Keywords in title and text important. No mentions Important
iWon Important Site popularity, submit to LookSmart for directory entries, Theme. Spam Both used. 250 character description. 1000 Character keywords Important 4 to 8 per page. Keywords should be in title, body and meta tags. No mention Important. Uses Inktomi


FREE bonus if you send your order payment
BEFORE midnight  2002

  • 2 Nights accommodation for 2 people at Scarborough BeachFront  or
  • "How to Start an Ezine" guide valued at US$24.97 and
  • Great Headlines Instantly 185 page manual. How To Write Powerful, Attention-Grabbing Headlines That Pull In More Prospects, More Customers And More Profits, NOW!” Valued at hundreds of dollars and
  • Classified Magic 107 page manual  “How To Make Your Small Ads Pay Off BIG!  Insider Secrets To Making Great Money With Classified Classified Adverts” valued at hundreds of dollars. and
  • How to Get More Done in Less time valued at US$50

These bonus offers not available for BarterCard payment

Your Name
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Beach Accommodation   or

Marketing Manuals

Send your Aust$27,500 cheque to:

4 Web Marketing
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