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Leave all the click through marketing to us.

Our motivation is your success.

  • Pay Aust$0.30 cents plus Aust$110 one time click through set-up,  inc GST

  • Free Customizable Independent Statistical Tracking Program set-up with our click through plan. Ongoing click through stats is one US cent per click through in addition to our Click Through web marketing servic.

  • Free domain name registration year after one year with click through plan.

  • We also provide free banner ad design and free banner ad placement on other popular sites for surfers to click through to your site. Your Click Through web marketing plan success is our incentive.

  • Create your Click Through account in credit online for your Professional Click Through Plan set-up and then only pay per click. Don't forget to complete our contact form and mention Click Through Plan in the message section and your secure online payment receipt number or post a Aust$130 cheque to:

    4 Web Marketing
    POB 334
    Western Australia
    Australia 6922

  • We send you stats from an independent click tracking service which check for tricksters doing multiple clicking.

You don't need to worry about technicalities of our Click Through service in Australia.  All you need to know is Click Through payments in Australia are a LOT cheaper way to get your sales info in front of someone already prequalified as interested in your info than any other form of marketing media.

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