Digital marketing plans Perth AustraliaImprove site popularity with a digital marketing plan. Get more visitors, drive more quality traffic to your website with 4 Web Marketing's digital marketing plans for premium digital marketing. 4 Web Marketing's planners work with you, your advertising agency and or your web developer to improve the position ranking of your website by search engines. Up-dating web pages in Perth Australia for the world and then promoting those websites with website promotion software and digital marketing strategies. Most digital marketing plans on this page include a majority of search engine optimisation SEO. Our SEO Perth monthly plan prices page shows discounted SEO prices for Perth businesses and not-for profit organisations.
See Digital Marketing Plans Summary for other digital marketing plans such as Viral Marketing.


  1. Increased sales

  2. Improved brand marketing and rebranding to loyal customers you know much more about than using traditional marketing.

  3. Kudos and better online reputation.

  4. Much better statistical analysis for market research.

  5. All of the digital marketing program benefits above.

Digital Marketing Plans for improving your site popularity via improved organic / natural position ranking of your site by search engines for your targeted generic keyword phrases.


Site popularity increase

Traffic increase

estimate per month

1. MONTHLY Digital Marketing Support Plan

$70 per hour of the best affordable digital marketing plan per month with a minimum of 5 hours per month. It's a HUGE discount from our one off hourly fee of $330 per hour. The
$350 price of the monthly marketing investment will provide a huge return on investment. No contract. This plan covers :

  1. Half an hour per month of digital marketing consultations by: Email / Phone / Meeting with a minimum of 15-minute contact blocks.  Eg a one-minute phone call would for the sake of disruption, recording etc would cost the same as a 15-minute phone call.
  2. Online advertising
  3. Link building
  4. SEO
  5. Social media marketing
  6. Map marketing
  7. Site popularity research
  8. Office / Admin costs. Eg invoicing.
If you don't see significant results/improvements in independent KPI such as site popularity after the first month don't reinvest in this on going digital marketing plan. At least 20% each month in the first few months. 10% each month there after.

2. Discount Digital Marketing Plan

Small Business 3 Page Optimization. Promote your business in your REGION. Local digital marketing including Google My Business support.

$770 to start then $100 per month is an affordable price for small business marketing starting a digital marketing program.

Within world's top 5% of most popular websites.

Significant % increase

Don't expect site popularity rivalling Youtube for small business phrase such as "fashion store small town"

3. Silver Digital Marketing Plan

A mix of SEO, social media marketing and other digital marketing strategies.

$3,000 deposit + $300 per month
Our most popular digital marketing plan.

Guaranteed top 2% of the world's most popular web sites in 6 months.

MASSIVE increase in visitors. Number depends on your target phrases

4.  Online Advertising + DOfollow Link Building Program.

Even without SEO, you'll see a significant improvement in KPI's such as site popularity

$770 to start then $70 per month

Within world's top 5% of most popular websites.

Significant % increase

Don't expect site popularity rivalling Youtube for small business phrase such as "fashion store small town"

5. Social Media Marketing Plan

Content marketing / Link building and copywriting for SEO in relevant social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, etc. Creation and or promotion of your FaceBook pages, private or open. Photos, Videos, Review marketing.

Depends on your social media marketing campaign investment eg:

Half day $300

Full day $500

Good increase in traffic

6. Search Engine Marketing Plan
Search engine marketing is a subset of Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing. It's PPC via brand name search engines. Google has search engine marketing. Google's brand name for its PPC marketing is "Adwords". Includes reports.

$1,000 set-up
+ $200 per month management fee
+ Your PPC bid investment

Depends on your budget

HUGE increase in traffic

7. Business Turn Key, Web Design + Silver Digital Marketing Plan
Domain name, hosting, 10 page website design, copywriting, consultation and training, SEO, video production, video marketing, Google My Business marketing, Link building, monthly web reports. Trade mark registration. Business card design. Manage PPC search engine marketing (SEM) campaign.

$7000 + $500 per month.

Guaranteed top 2% of the world's most popular web sites

Lots of the right sort of traffic.

8. Gold Digital Marketing Plan
Combination of Silver Digital Marketing plan and Social Media Marketing Plan. Up time reporting. 2 new mini websites linking and driving traffic. Trade mark registration filing.

$5000 set-up + $600 per month

> 400%

HUGE increase in traffic

9. Hourly Price. Digital Marketing Rates:
 hourly web marketing rates

All investments in hourly web marketing work is discounted from the cost of any plan if you decide to switch to a digital marketing plan after seeing stunning marketing results after only a few hours of digital marketing work.

More Digital Marketing Plans

Is web marketing worth the investment?

One of our small hotel marketing clients in Scarborough invested $2,000 on our web marketing consultations.  They now pull $40,000 per week in bookings from their site.  This didn't happen when they were position 9 on page 23 of search engine results.  Testimonials

Don't be left out on a limb by your web design. Climb to the top of search engine position rankings with 4 Web Marketing's digital marketing plans.

top of search engine position

Due to our search engine successes, low digital marketing Perth prices and demand for our digital marketing plans, feesweb marketing plan price Soon

All Digital Marketing Plans include:

Digital Marketing Plan Discounts

Generous website promotion discounts are available to:

Up to 25% web marketing discount.

What the *OPTIONAL to the one of fee above
Aust$300 Digital Marketing Plan MONTHLY fee is for:

Only go for this option if your phrases are competitive eg "computer sales", not "computer sales small town name"

 webpage analysis reports

Our digital marketing Perth Australia, puts our meter on your site 4 Web Marketing Reports
(Reports are included in all Web Marketing plans above).

Also see our Perth monthly SEO plan prices.
Monthly SEO plans prices Perth.

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