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From the Computer of
Joan O'Brien

Dear Internet Friend,

If you've ever wanted to know how advertising really works you're going to remember finding this website for the rest of your life...

You don't realize it but in the next few minutes you're going to get access to the very same ‘Insider Advertising Secrets’ the top internet experts use to create more sales with less stress (Simple money making tips, little-known techniques and ad agency tricks not one business owner or sales-person in a thousand knows or understands) that make selling virtually any product or service 'Childs Play'

FACT: It doesn’t matter which Internet Specialist’s website you check out... Cory Rudl, Yanik Silver. Drew Whitman, Harmony Major, Marlon Sanders, Jonathon Mizal, Jimmy Brown or Monique Harris…

Each of these proven advertising expert’s have one thing in common… they understand how to tap into the awesome Power of Direct Advertising to Grab Their Prospects Attention Like A Hook and Compel Them To Take Action (read: Spend Money!) Now!

Do YOU know how to do that in YOUR business?

Do you want to know how?

Because if your business needs:

Dragon Slayer Sales Letters…
More Qualified Appointments & Leads…
Bigger Profits
Advertising That Works…
Advertising That Makes Money…
Brilliant Ezine or Newsletter Ideas…

You’re going to love my website because I’m about to show you how to generate the kind of 'Immediate’ sales results most business people only get to experience in their wildest dreams…

And before you ask, No. It wont cost you the earth!

FACT: 87% of the so-called advertising courses, advertising manuals and reports being sold over the Internet just don’t work!

Putting it bluntly… they are about as useful washing a hairy dog on a rainy day! But what I have for you is TOTALLY different – it actually works! But I’m getting ahead of myself…

What You Are About To Read Might Sound Strange
But It Is A 100% True Story…

My name is Joan Rando and I’m a professional Australian Business woman.

Five Months Ago I Met Someone at a Seminar Who Totally
Changed My Life…

Then Ben stood up to speak…

"You don't have to BE an expert to prosper and succeed in business...
But you wont get far without Expert Help and Advice!"

…Wow! He was like a ‘Walking Idea machine’ He spoke so passionately about advertising… about how EASY advertising and marketing was when you knew what to do, it made me feel confident, excited, hopeful and optimistic - all at the same time!

A few weeks later, over a cup of coffee at the Local McDonalds, I asked him a simple question…

His Response... Like Something Out Of A Movie…
Resulted In This website And YOUR Opportunity!

“Ben why is it so expensive to hire people like yourself?”

His reply totally blew me away:

“Joan, the truth is ANYONE can do what I do…

  Write Dragon Slayer Sales letters…
Money Magnet Quotes…
And Winning Direct Response Adverts

(Those have made literally millions of dollars in extra sales for his clients)

…All they need to know are the ‘Insider Advertising Secrets’ and USE them. It’s literally that simple!"

What He Said Next Came As A Total Surprise…

Just to prove it we should go into the publishing business…

Buy the Master Reprint Rights to the world's best advertising manuals… (As well as producing several of our own)

And then make them available online (and Off) so ANYONE can grow their business and make more money! And NOT have to spend a fortune”

We Did and Here’s Just A Quick Sample Of
What’s Available…

Insider Advertising Secrets Manual # 1

‘Great Headlines INSTANTLY!’
This HUGE 187 Page Information Packed Manual written by an internationally recognized direct response copywriter has been described as ‘The Marketers Bible’ on writing great headlines!

Here are just some of profit-building ideas you get with this power-packed success manual:

And bucket loads more!

Insider Advertising Secrets Manual # 2

‘Classified Magic  How To Make
Your Small Ads
Pay Off BIG!

This brilliant manual will show you how to create ‘Instant’ profits from tiny classified adverts!

You'll very quickly discover...

Insider Advertising Secrets Manual # 3

‘The Ultimate Sample Headline Collection…’ Over Six Hundred Samples Of Published Headlines!

You’ll Discover:

Insider Advertising Secrets Manual # 4

'Seven Essential Questions You Must Answer To Succeed In Business…’

Any business can grow once they answer these
seven simple questions

You’ll Understand:

Insider Advertising Secrets Manual # 5

‘How To Get Far More Done …In A Lot Less Time!’ 113 Secret Time Management Tips, Tricks & Tools Than Can:

Build Your Business…
Free Up Your Time…
And Put More Money in Your Pocket...Virtually

Plus You’ll Discover:

“I loved this manual so much that I bought Six Extra Copies for my ‘Key’
Staff Members!” Ben Matthews –

Insider Advertising Secrets Manual # 6

‘Ninety Three YELLOW PAGES Success Secrets!’

This manual has been described as a ‘Mini University’ on the subject of effective Yellow Pages advertising.

Believe me this will quickly become the #1 reference tool you’ll want to refer to time and time again!

Insider Advertising Secrets Manual # 7

140 Easy-To-Use Tips, Techniques And Ideas For Creating Powerful, Riveting, ‘ATTENTION GRABBING’ HEADLINES!

Famous Canadian advertising genius Robert Boduch opens his heart and shares years of experience-learned wisdom in this absolute gem of a report!

You’ll Discover:

Insider Advertising Secrets Manual # 8

‘Seven Essential Things You Must Know BEFORE You Hire Anyone…’

FACT: 30% of business failure is due to poor hiring decisions (Harvard Business School)

This brilliant report takes you through the minefield of:

And keeping the right employees for your business!

Insider Advertising Secrets Manual # 9

'Words That LOSE Money - Words That MAKE Money!'

Did you know that there are about 24 words that actually LOSE money?

They act as emotional 'inoculators' and can stop prospects from buying your products and services, yes well meaning business people and sales staff use them all the time!

The good news is that there are over 300 words that MAKE money! This quick reference manual makes choosing the right words as well as avoiding the wrong ones, easier than ever!

Insider Advertising Secrets Manual # 10

'Autoresponder Magic'

This fantastic 519 page e-book from Yanik Silver comes with full resale rights valued at $495!

Yanik and dozens of other advertising experts show how they make tens of thousands of dollars a month using simple autoresponders to follow up on their prospects...

This has to be the 'Swipe' file of the century!

Insider Advertising Secrets Manual # 11

'260 Best Headline Words & 204 Best Headline Phrases'

This brilliant reference list really makes writing action compelling headlines and sales copy a complete no-brainer!

This is another reference tool you'll find yourself going back to time and again...

Insider Advertising Secrets Manual # 12

Magnetic Sales Letters

A HUGE collection of brilliant sales letters by one of the most successful copywriters in America! You'll get over 280 pages of proven winning sales letters!

Now… I really have kept the very best
part till the last…

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‘Million Dollar Emails’

Internet Specialist Yanik Silver has compiled the nets #1 collection of winning emails! (Value $19)

You’ll get 215 information-crammed pages as well as full reprint rights to this advertising treasure chest! That's right - you can sell it and keep ALL the profits!

PLUS Two Special Bonus Sections:

1. 102 Best Email Subject Lines…

2.  Email Advertising Checklist

Special Bonus # 2

‘Fifty Seven Ideas For The Back Of Your Business Cards…’ (Value $14.67)

Do your business cards consistently make you money?

They will if you use just a few of the great ideas in this breakthrough mini report!

You’ll Learn: how to make your business cards stand out from the competition and stick in your prospects minds!
You’ll Discover: more great ideas for the back of your business cards than you can poke a stick at!

Special Bonus # 3

‘One Hundred & Twenty Silly Mistakes That Cost Business Owners Money…’ (Value $14.67)

This manual is the result of dealing with over two hundred different companies and seeing first hand the silly mistakes that send people broke.

It’s a crash course in what mistakes to avoid and what fires need to be put out in 67% of today’s businesses

Special Bonus # 4

‘Seven Quick & Easy Headline Formulas…’ (Value $27.67)

headlines head lines formulas

How would you like to get your hands on an ‘Instant Reference Guide’ that makes writing winning headlines as easy as pie?

Then you’ll love this easy to use ‘How To’ guide.

Virtually anyone could write a winning headline in just minutes using the simple keys revealed in this manual!

Here’s What You Get…

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