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How often should we submit to search engines to stay listed and what is the cost.

It depends on the reliability of you web hosting company.  You can imagine what Search Engines do to your listing when your link on search engines results page, turns up a "404 Error, page not found", because your hosting company were "Down for unscheduled maintenance".  On average I would recommend submission to the search engines once a year.  If your web hosting is more than 99.5% reliable then less should be fine, even if your site is to get listed in our ever growing database of search engines.  It started at 2000 SEs a couple of years ago.  We now submit to over 600,000 search engines for US$40. Submission is just letting the search engines know you exist.  It does not mean the search engines will give you good position.  Search engine submission is is included in all our Search Engine Marketing Plans. 
How long does it take to get listed after submission to the search engines?It depends on a number of factors:
  • The search engine. Some list your pages quicker than others.  For example Google takes SEVERAL WEEKS or more for a non-paid to them listing.  Yahoo directory can take 3 months.
  • The type of submission.  Many search engines accept hundreds of dollars for express submission.
  • The type of organisation being submitted: edu, net, mil, asn, com, org, info, etc.

See Web Marketing Timeline

web marketing faqs

What is the cost of site promotion?

Why optimise 5 web pages in your plans and how much for more than 5 page promotion?
  1. 5 is an arbitrary number I pulled out of the air.  Client needs to know how many pages we are going to slave over and for how much. Hey, in a plan we've got to start somewhere.  5 pages for good position for approximately 50 keywords especially if they are associated with a more unique proper noun such as a place name like 'perth'
  2. The more COMPETITIVE keywords you have the more pages and less keywords for targeting is my recommendation.  Eg: If you're the only shop targeting "computer sales kalgoorlie" for example then it's a synch to get top position for this phrase and other phrases on the one page.  However if it's just 'computer sales' then because you're competing with the likes of Dell and Compaq, you'd be advise to just concentrate on this one phrase for your keyword rich doorway page.  Your investment in page optimisation falls by 40% for additional 5 pages to the 5 pages in plans.
web marketing faqs

Can you show examples of clients you helped with position on search engines?

What are "targeted  strategic generic keyword phrases"?Targeted Strategic: Words your potential customers are typing into search engines if they don't know your company name.  Non-specific generic (unless your company is VERY well known) words in the sales information of your webpage. Eg real estate agent perth not ACME Estates perth.

Generic: General terminology.  Eg: fire, car hire, water, hammers,  air, accommodation, computer, accountant, computer sales.
What's not generic: Avis, Hertz, ACME, RumpleStiltSkin (hardware store), Sheraton, Hilton, IBM

Strategy:  Have more unique phrases such as 'computer sales perth'.  This weakens your aspiration for world domination over the likes of Dell and Compaq but beats these giants in Perth.  Fine if that's only where your target market is.

web marketing faqs
What is a domain name?There are many web page findability factors but in this article I want to mention domain names. Here's the tip: If you're not competing for world market domination, then register a domain name about WHAT YOU DO and WHERE YOU DO IT. If you have a long established family business, fine, keep the well branded, family named web address like www.ford.com but also setup sites targeting one keyword phrase if the keywords are competitive. For example newcarsperth.info which targets what you do and where you do it. Search Engines like keyword rich domain names. Short names are powerful for positioning but not always the best. If you're a small fish, stay away from acronyms. A copywriting client at the beginning of the last long weekend was asking me about names. I suggested a name and a slick domain name registration company where he bought it for US$16 pa. At the end of the long weekend he had a US request to buy it for US$5,000 which was declined. My site doesn't have WHERE I DO IT because the world is my market but type my target keyword phrase "web marketing" into say Google and I'm up there on page one against some VERY savvy world wide marketing experts.

Keyword rich names domain names for rent Website included.

Can I have a web address that's not the same as my company name?Yes.  Your address and identity can be different.  It's just like your street address and the identity of the occupying organisation at that street address.web marketing faqs

Can I have more than one web address?

Yes.  4 Web Marketing not only register domain names for you but also:
  • Consult with you before you waste money on a poor web address so far as the search engines are concerned  and
  • Either redirect new web addresses to any web page target you nominate (eg your homepage) or better still
  • Set-up your new address with your web hosting service providers DNS ( Domain Name Server ) details.
  • Provide you with written proof of ownership. (beware of Machiavellian web businessmen who don't)
What are your payment terms and conditions?


Page devoted to this answer
web marketing faqs
I’ve read that Google has changed their algorithm and people are losing ranking overnight. Do I need worry?


No. Google change their algorithms frequently. It's in their financial interest to get previous winners to pay. If results in the organic search results are not relevant then search engines will lose customers to search engines which give better results. Think of me as a person who organises your words on and behind your pages to tell search engines that your organisation really is about the words used. If your site is about many things, such as a portal about a country, or an auction site, then you'll need a significant ">link building programme.

After your search engine optimisation work what else can I do?Link from your other sites to your new site:

Have your secretary create links from popular sites such as www.youtube.com , www.facebook.com , www.panoramio.com , www.myspace.com , http://del.icio.us/ , www.stumbleupon.com, etc

web marketing faqs

Please can you have a look at my page and tell me how to improve its position with search engines.?

Yes. This involves 4 Web Marketing's experienced, professional analysis.

 EXAMPLE Page Advisor Report with our specialised software.


What is a keyword phrase?A more competitive bunch of keywords.
eg Not ,real estate, perth but ,real estate perth, Note where the commas are.  The first has every real estate agent in the world swamping you out of the first SE pages. At least with the phrase "real estate agent perth" you'd only be competing with real estate agents in Perth.  Better still if you're the only snow ski shop in Alice Springs central Australian desert.
web marketing faqs

Is it worth paying to be listed by some SE and is it worth paying more for better position?

No and No.  Would you even bother to use a SE that only gave you results based on how much was paid rather than what you are looking for ?  Eg if looking for real estate in Perth would you be happy for a search engine to come up with gambling in Los Vegas or at best a real estate in NY because they paid the Search Engine to get top spot?  I don't think so. Also you'd pay one of those type of Search Engines more than one of 4 Web Marketing Plans which gets you good position on thousands of search engines. 
What kind of web pages can you designFindable ones, inexpensively, emulating any style you like.  I advise keeping away from slow loading animations (SEs only read text), and home pages using frames.
See Web Design
web marketing faqs

What is a gateway page?

Gateway doorway redirection page 
What is the difference between email marketing and spam?

Spam includes sending massive amounts of emails to unqualified lists without recipients' authority.

Email marketing can include colleting email address of existing customers with their permission and sending messages of interest to them. Each message usually contains an option for recipients to be removed from emailing lists.

web marketing faqs
What is page popularity?Indicator of how many times your page is visited. 
What about guaranteeing search engine position results?Until the engines guarantee not to change their

ithms (software which sets results criteria), we will not guarantee either unless the phrase is not too competitive by adding for example a small city name to the phrase . However if there is a problem we'll keep working on your site till we get results.  This might even mean moving to a different web hosting service provider who is not hosting spammer's sites.

web marketing faqs
Do you charge for reading and replying to emails?

Yes except for free intro consultations or monthly search engine marketing plans.  I am a world class Web Marketing professional. The more time I spend explaining 4 Web Marketing's IP to you or you web developer the less time I have in getting results for your site.  If you buy a Web Marketing Plan except the Monthly Plan, you'll need to open a consultation account which will be drawn from for time perusing your messages and replying to them at the low professional rate of US$60 per hour. This site currently gets over 50,000 visitors a month. We have to prioritise responses to genuine potential clients and existing clients.
Open a Professional Web Marketing account with US$100 We will debit your account @ US$60 per hour for consultations whether by phone, in person or by email.

What do we need to do each month to get more and more traffic?

Thanks Ben

What do we need to do each month to get traffic?

  1. Optimise your home page and tweak it. 
  2. Build a gateway page. 
  3. Build LOTS of doorway pages. 
  4. Multi-Submit these to The major and country specific SEs. 
  5. Manually submit to DMOZ directory (in correct category)
  6. Swap links 
  7. Register your site with: 
    1. big B2B sites such as Alibaba 
    2. the B2G sites. 
  8. Work News Groups 
  9. Traditional marketing: mass media, T-shirts, bumper stickers, giftware, flag waving naked women, banners, skywriting, networking, etc.

See Monthly Plan

Also, can you convert some docs to PDF for me tomorrow afternoon? [4 Web Marketing] Yes.

web marketing faqs

What are Unique Visitors?

The actual number of total users who visit a website or online property at least once in the given month. All Unique Visitors are unduplicated (only counted once).

The industry now agrees that unique visitors - the actual number of individuals who visit a site at least once, regardless of how many times they return - is the most telling measure of a site's worth. See Click Through Web Marketing Plan

What's MS FPSXs ?Microsoft Front Page Server Extensions are set-up on about a third of all web hosting service providers' (WHSP) web servers which are often using Windows NT operating systems.

MS FPSXs makes up-loading web features easy for a webmaster using MS's WYSIWYG html editor. These include: Forms and Hit counters.  If the MS FPSXs are not set-up properly by the WHSP you'll often see [FrontPage Save Results Component] near the top of the form page, which won't work.

web marketing faqs

What's Link Popularity?

LINK POPULARITY: is the number of times the search engine has a reference of other websites linking to yours. This can have an impact on your position in some search engines.

Link Popularity Report
What is Site Popularity?
Alexa rank sites by popularity. Click the site popularity graph at left and type your www.yourwebaddress.xyz into the SEARCH BOX.  If you have many competitor sites to rank, know that the Site Popularity Report is included in our Link Popularity Report  Just advise us up-to 10 URLs for site popularity ranking. 
When to accept link exchanging?
  • If the site is more popular than yours
  • If they pay you
  • If their link to you is not on a dynamically driven web page or if it is check that their links page is findable by search engines
  • If their link is on a page that does well on search engines.
  • If they have a link on their home page or site map for spiders to find your link on their links page.
  • As long as they keep your link on their links page.

Do I get updates on the link exchange programme?Yes. About every month I add more links to your links page until I've got 30 verified link exchanges. Also I check that those agreeing to link to you have actually done so and if they haven't, I delete their link on your links page and replace them with a more honest link exchanger. 
What is a Link Exchange (the noun) ?It's like a stock exchange where traders find info and swap links. 
Why don't you take online card payment from Eastern Europe, Africa or Asia?Too many stolen credit cards and fraudsters from these regions. Few thieves have spoiled it for the majority of honest clients.  If you are from these regions, we need to see your prepayment, preferably in travellers cheques, Bank cheques acceptable in Australia WITHOUT service fees, or cash.web marketing faqs

How can I implement an internationally trusted ecommerce credit card payment system?

Australian secure ecommerce SSL with verified certificates and Australian banking gateways cost about $5,000 depending on how many products and price variations. If you were buying a Persian carpet from Iran, would you plug your credit card number into an Iranian site even if it stated it was secure (SSL)?  Now put the thinking cap on of an American or European looking at your Australian claim of secure ecommerce?  They may not have heard of you but sure would've heard and trustClick Bank ClickBank.  Our price for setting up ClickBank at your site is US$400 for the first batch of 10 or less items and then US$30 per item > 10 items. ClickBank charge $1 + 7.5% for each transaction before sending you cheques in US dollars. Worth it to test the waters before spending $5,000 on eCommerce at your own site asking international buyers to trust your local claim to security. 
Why do you choose DMOZ as one of the search engines you submit to?Because it provides directory results to Lycos, HotBot, Netscape, AOL Search, Google Directory, etc.  It's a good directory monitored by humans as well as machines.


web marketing faqs

If I accidentally spammed the search engines, how can I control the damage?

Click here to read about contacting a search engine for help in getting listed again after spamming them.


What is the difference between hyperTEXT and hyperLINK?If you're in the airline business one link from Virgin is worth a lot more than many links from your neighbour's  son's metal band site. Both of these are external links (absolute links) Also consider internal links (relative) between pages within your site. One of my subcontracting web developers had a link to a florist's page about wreaths. Instead of a search engine loving file name such as wreaths.htm the web page was, for this ecommerce site, named category2_1.htm This means nothing to search engines. Folder and file names can = keyword rich hyperLINKS. If in addition your hyperTEXT (often blue) is keyword rich also, then even more power to you with the search engines.web marketing faqs

Do you discount website promotion investment?

Yes for:
Any client with an 8 point phone size link: www.4webmarketing.biz on the pages we work on.  Charities, Not-For-Profit organisations, Bulk work and large contacts, IT and other professionals who refer 4 Web Marketing to their clients.
Please advise what services you offer to get our site out there and how it all works, costs etc. I offer to get your site on page one of most of the major search engine results for your keyword phrase.  Most likely position one.  


WebSite Promotion on search engines

Web Health Reports

Email stationery design and Email campaign set-ups

Insight into how I do it is at http://www.4webmarketing.biz/websitepromotion/index.htm 

How search engine positioning works:  If you invest in the Silver Plan optimisation of 5 pages for a number of phrases, your phrases come up on page one of the search engine results, eg when someone searches Google for "coboldgorge tours" your page, after I'm finished your page will come up near the top of page one results.  This is very powerful marketing because your sales info is then a click away from a potential client LOOKING FOR YOUR INFO - not naked ladies or football scores etc.

Investment prices compared to print or any other media are cheaper and MUCH more effective.  It works 24/7/360 in all counties.  For example a Hotel here in Scarboro invests less than a Aus$1,000 per year in my consultation.  They pull A$40,000 of bookings a WEEK from their site now because when you search for "accommodation scarborough beach" they and my other clients are all over page one of many major search engine results.

web marketing faqs
I have old web pages doing well on the Search Engines but am changing over to a Content Management System CMS site with dynamic web pages (often .asp, .php, .jsp etc)

Will a search engine index dynamic web pages as well or are there problems with dynamic web pages?

When it comes to search engines, retrieval of information from deep space (kept in online databases) can be a problem. Databases are great for organising lots of information, however static web pages are better for SEs if you have say, less than 256 pages. More than that and you'll start to need industrial strength SQL. One solution is to have a mix of static and dynamically driven web pages. Content Manage Systems (CMS) enable clients (eg shop keepers etc) to input data into a database via a form. Database content is then displayed on a dynamic webpage. My recommendation is don't have all your pages dynamic or if you can afford the extra web development investment ask your web developer for URL rewriting for search engines. Save the upper level pages including your home page as static ones optimised by search engine specialists like world wide winning, www.4webmarketing.biz
What Yahoo say about dynamic web pages.
How can I tell when the Google Spider has updated my site's listing?

To monitor Google and see if the update has happened, use http://google-dance.miniunternehmen.de/  There's a link that says "Quick Check: link:www.yahoo.com" - when Google updates, the number of links to Yahoo changes. Right now it's 661,000. When they begin their update, you will see different results from their 3 servers. Once the update is done (takes a couple days), all 3 will show the same number.

web marketing faqs
-----Original Message-----
From: Heather Garcia [mailto:multisurf@honeyfrog.com]

To: marketing@4webmarketing.biz

Subject: I would like to learn Ezines : Heather Garcia

Can you tell me more about Your Company, without blasting me with a bunch of target letters? I would like to learn more about Ezines...

1. Recipients should have OPTED IN.  Entice subscribers with information, discounts, bonuses, offers, inclusion, contributions and participation.  Eg Subscriber Ben Grummels of 4 Web Marketing donated a $500 banner for community development here's a link to the site he does volunteer community networking for www.scarboro.info

2. There needs to be something in it for the subscriber such as news or useful information.

3. Format html / plain text needs consideration

3. Links from your ezine are great.

3. The rest is just like any tactile magazine, newsletter: images, articles, advertisements, and advertising income, offers, etc.

4. More at www.4webmarketing.biz/ezine/


web marketing faqs
Do you do web marketing training in Australia for your potential competitors ?Yes @ A$330 per hour.  Alternatively study this page and Search Engine Optimisation Tips 
Is this a worthwhile web marketing training investment?YES.  If you're selling large ticket items such as property, cars,  accommodation, etc and it gets your sales information in front of people looking for property, cars, accommodation etc, then the return on your web marketing investment is PERSISTENTLY IMMENSE and GLOBAL.  Compare the same reach to the cost of placing full page ads in every newspaper around the world every day. Even then they get flicked over by uninterested readers heading for the sports section when your ad might be on the business pages. 
Is link exchanging included in your Web Marketing PlansYes, all clients get at least 4 links from a variety of popular sites of ours. In bound links help push you up search engine page results.

Hypertext Links

  • Link count. (Number of links to you from true external sites)
  • Link quality (eg links from .gov .edu .museum .mil etc)
  • Link popularity (from popular sites as ranked by Alexa)
web marketing faqs
Is creation of external links to my site important?Yes, if the phrase is competitive and you want good position on search engines. 
Can you arrange for more than links from 4 of your sites?Yes but at a fee.  If you have an in-house marketing manager or even a persuasive, networking secretary, you'd do well to put them to work requesting as many links from other sites and arranging organisation policy to for example insist any organisation you sponsor, give links to your site.  Link exchange programs are another way to buy or swap links. 
Is Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing worthwhile?Yes. There are different models. Last I checked indicative top of list  PPC costs were about US$1.52 for phrases such as "accommodation perth" , US$7.60 for "home loans" from major search engines such as Overture (subsidiary of Yahoo) and Inktomi.   Google has a set-up fee of US$100.  Costs can be more if the end profit is great and visitors are limited for example the number of users wanting to buy nuclear power plants are limited and profits considerable. It would be unreal to expect to pay 5c for each click to real estate home sales sites compared with clicks to cheap mass consumer sales such as a beer site. To print a real estate flyer and have it delivered would cost at least $1 per flyer and if only 1% of flyers are read then the real cost would be $100 per read flyer. See 4 Web Marketing's Directory PPC fees 
How can I independently track clicks with statistical reports?With eZytrakz Know:
  • how many people clicked on your banner ads
  • how many people clicked on your text or hyperlink
  • how many people clicked on your ezine ad
  • fraudulent clicks in your PPC advertising
  • if you are being over charged for PPC advertising
  • who, in your mailing list, opened your email message
  • who, in your mailing list, clicked in your email message
  • if your online ad resulted in a sale
  • if your online ad was profitable

Another way of tracking stats is if your domain name registrar provides click tracking.

My comprehensive site stats don't show me unique clicks from my absolute links (to external sites) How can I track clicks on each link so I can charge sites i send traffic to a payment per click?4 Web Marketing recommend Independent site tracking stats of Canada which also report unique clicks by IP.  This avoids accusations of sitting there, multiple clicking to rip off clients.  Simple to understand, set-up, use and generate reports for each of your clients.  More info on pay per click (PPC) 

Google's Traffic Estimator
Did you receive our email?No 
Did you listen to our phone message?No. Do other web firms such as Google respond your phone messages? 
Why can't we contact you?You can contact 4 Web Marketing if you're a client in credit. We are very busy working for PRE-paid clients whom we give secret, direct phone and email access. 
Why don't you hire and train more web marketer to handle the many emails and calls from wannabe tyre kickers?We don't want to pay and train staff with our secret web marketing IP,  for them to set-up in the same city, bad mouthing us while trying to poach our web marketing clients. (it's happened) 
In summary what do 4 Web Marketing do?
In summary what we do is make sites popular. What it takes are:
  • A commitment of faith, prepaid investment by you.
    • Some of that faith can be gained by asking our clients if 4 Web Marketing made their website significantly more popular
    • Testing some COMPETITIVE phrases we've targeted into your favourite search engine.
    • Many hours of smart web marketing strategies by us to meet our written guarantee targets.
It is highly likely your website is in need of web marketing strategies to get your products marketed world wide effectively.  If you would like me to spend an hour researching and writing a web report, please:
  • select the web report of interest to you
  • complete the form and
  • pay online or post a cheque.
Reports are included in our Web Marketing Plans so if you decide to go ahead with your web marketing investment with us, whatever reports you pay for will be deducted from your Web Marketing Plan investment.
Whom ever you select to do your web marketing, ask them: "Show me search engine successes you've achieved for your clients' COMPETITIVE phrases.
Our Motto:  Connecting your sales information with customers searching for what you sell.
How tall are you?198cm  6'6"  
Where can I get answers to my web marketing strategy options and questionsI moderate a forum of the most popular website about Perth Australia.  You need to register before posting your question in the Marketing Forum 

What is the World's 3rd most popular website?

YouTube, so if you want video marketing you better get your SEO of your YouTube video just right so that it not only performs in YouTube but shows up as thumbnails in other search engines also. 


web marketing faqs
Top Web Marketing FAQs


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