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In previous web marketing newsletters I've gone into technicalities of search engine optimisation or as you US folks spell "optimization" of web pages for positioning on search engines but with a 1,900% (sic) increase at the time of writing, in reach per million users of one of my volunteer community sites, I want to give you some reasons both technical and other for such a dramatic increase.  The site is www.scarboro.info  The popularity of this site about beach culture and networking for a suburb of a small remote city being in the top 1.5% world wide is amazing. Note that what goes up, comes down. More web marketing email newsletter tips below using www.scarboro.info as an example:

  • The hovering at the top of screen, drop down navigation is consistent on nearly every page
  • Maybe you've had a look at www.scarboro.info  by now and if not some other subscribers would have, so there is another tip for you. Provide incentive such as prizes, sample vouchers, discounts, information, etc to encourage subscriber to receive your ezine ( email newsletter ).  Just for the right to post messages on the BB, I can turn on the switch when I'm ready so that only registered BB users can start a new topic. To vote in on online polls or start a new topic all registrations would involve giving an email.  I won't sent any Scarboro subscribers any emails unless there is an emergency such as war, but the ability is there.  (Time limitation makes it difficult to even get this out to you )
  • The bulletin board arrived just in time for the most divisive controversial issue to hit our community for a long time and as the volunteer moderator it is interesting and important to keep the debate balanced.  Empowering citizens with tools for freedom of speech is very powerful motivation for both contributors to interact and for others to return to read something new. There is no way with a busy full time job that I can provide new content all the time to keep readers interested. Creating interactivity with your website is not as expensive as you may think.  Digital Junction do offer discounts for not-for-profit sites.  Fear of bad stuff happening beyond your webmaster's control is just that: fear and not reality.  For example with a bulletin board one can set various levels of control.  Postings are picked up by the search engines.
  • The Perth Calendar is orthwhile interactive .
  • Good position and site popularity go hand in hand.  Popularity helps with position but in the beginning it's difficult to get sites linking to you without being in good position on the search engines (SEs) - catch 22.  Answer:  Long ago I used software for a link exchange programme (or program as you US folk spell it).  The site didn't need many links to do well in the SEs because (A) it was reasonably well optimised and (B) there are not too many sites about Scarborough Beach, Perth Australia competing with it.
  • A marketing mix including distribution of www.scarboro.info  bumper stickers helps keep the address in the mind of locals and is quite inexpensive.
  • Joining networking organisations (z?) can be time draining but also a rich source of referrals.
  • I hate repeating the obvious but I see an oversight by my clients often so I'll write it again:
    • "You can't expect a search engine to give your page position for a phrase that's not even on your page"  (ie in the body text that every one sees.)  Last week I had a whole bunch of keywords from my client which she was trying to target. Most of the words were not even anywhere on her page.
  • Whilst it takes work to manage other websites it can also boost popularity by providing interaction in your web. The Perth site is not as popular as the site about the suburb contained within it because

    • more work needs to be done on the www.perthperth.com  and

    • there is much less competition on SEs for the suburb than the city it's in. 

  • Though it's new www.perthperth.com  has hit top spot for "business directory perth" at www.yahoo.com    Notice the keyword rich domain name. Currently repetitive domains do work with SEs like Yahoo and Google so if that great name you want is gone and it's not too long, just repeat it.

  • While on the subject of spelling: Because English is my second language, my spelling sux.  The irony is that words put food on my kid's table.  I've discovered I'm not alone so deliberate miss-spelling pays. For example one of the most common and lucrative words in the search engine war is "accommodation" so it is wise to deliberately also target:
    • accomodation
    • acommodation
    • accommadation etc.
      Whilst one of my pages is already 1st world wide for "
      linked banner ad" without a nice domain name because like "scarborough.xya  and  webmarketing.xyz they were all gone so diluting the character density with a dash etc is often done.  When that option runs out using one extra character such as "4" like I did with www.4webmarketing.biz is a next best option.  I was pleased the other day when I discovered that while all options for bannerads.xyz   and banner-ads.xyz had gone that a useful one extra character "d" came in handy for buying the commonly miss-spelled "adds" for advertisement:  www.banneradds.net
  • A client I recently registered for was glad most of the English speaking world don't spell like Americans.
  • If the site you're creating a banner ad to link to has some graphic you want to capture
    • Minimise (z?) the window to approximately the same aspect ratio of a standard banner, around the graphic
    • Hold the Alt key down and tap your "PrtSc" screen button
    • Paste into a new blank file of your graphics program such as PhotoShop. If you have an older version size your new file to be 648 x 60 pixels. Resize (Ctrl+T) the layer you pasted (Ctrl+V) to fix over this dimension.
  • Don't forget to use URL's you're trying to promote in your email signature file. Click "Scarborough Beach" in mine below and you'll see what I mean.  If you can't get a graphic designer to make a nice signature file then just stick a banner ad from your site and your contact detail in it for now.
  • Here's a free plug for some very new clients. Tell them to give you a 4 Web Marketing Ezine subscribers discount or else I want to know from you if they don't.
  • If you have an interesting tip, product or service useful 4 aspiring web marketers, let me know so I can mention it in the next quarterly newsletter.  Sorry I can't email any individual answers to FAQs but one of the problems of managing a number of my own popular web sites in the top 0.1% (sic) of www popularity is the flood of about 1,800 emails and many phone calls each day. After another 14 hour day this was not proof read at 2am so too bad about mistakes.  Of the 200 legitimate messages that get past my Spam Arrest service if I spent half an hour on each that'd be 100 hours a week with no time for work getting my clients on page 1 of the SEs.  Will be looking forward to staying in Cairns Australia and that free helicopter flight to the Great Barrier Reef while advising www.tropicalexperience.com.au  how to improve their 1,200% (sic) reach to web users over the past few months.

The unfortunate thing about popularity going up by 1,900% is the surprise $1,000 bill for extra bandwidth usage but then this is small compared to the time donation I've put into this community development site. I'm looking for volunteer photo journalists or donation of prizes for the Scarborough Community Development Prize of the year to a person whose volunteered the most for the community I live in. Sponsors will be rewarded

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