trade mark registration AustraliaConsultation with you about the name you have chosen and the ramifications for its search engine positioning; vital for your future business growth.

trade mark registration AustraliaGood Keywords Reports eg:
Australian TradeMark Registration

trade mark registration AustraliaThis week's web site promotion australia marketing strategies: Bonus 2 free domain names. That's 3 domain names, with renewal by you AFTER 2 years for no more than $9.95 each. Point your domains to various web pages. Includes benefits listed at  If for example you sell boomerangs in Perth to the Perth market and to the world and your IP:

... then besides wishing you had our consultation before you started business years ago, we also recommend domain names such as , , , etc, and point these domain names to separate lead generation pages.  Live demonstration of how it works: 4 Web Marketing is not an advertising agency. When searching for "advertising agency australia" you'll see in green text, position one, page one. Click it and look at the URL in the address line of your browser. Now do you see my point of how VERY important KEYWORD RICH domain names are? This week you'll get 3 new domain names with each Australian Trademark Application / Registration Plan.  We'll email you:

trade mark registration AustraliaOne year free listing on the HOME page of (now that's keyword rich) Big deal you might think but besides being worth $110 pa it gets approximately 47,000 VISITORS per month so even if 1% are interested in clicking your link, that's 470 visitors interested in your sales information per month. Not so good if you sell lolly pops but great if you market high value items and good for brand marketing.


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