How much does Australian Trade Mark Registration Cost?
It depends on which Australian Trade Mark Registration package, law firm or other Australian Trade Mark Registration service provider you chose.


How long does it take to get an Australian Trade Mark certificate?
After your few months Australian Trade Mark APPLICATION consideration period is over, by the Australian trade mark registration authority, FURTHER PAYMENTS will be due: US$450 per Australian Trade Mark Category Once paid, your trade mark must then be advertised by the Government's trade mark office for a further 3 months public objection period. All going well you should expect your official Australian trade mark certificate about 6 months after your first payment to us and completion of our online form. Your Australian trade mark certificate will be air mailed to you from our office Australia wide or internationally with no extra fee. In the mean time you may start using the trade mark pending, TM symbol.


Does Trade Mark registration give ABSOLUTE protection of intellectual property to us?
No but is is seen by courts, if it comes to civil action, as a very important factor in defence of your IP.


Hi, Ben, Thank for your reply. Could we apply for a colour and protect for all the colors?
Trademark Registration affords better protection of your IP in the courts. If someone else tried to Trademark Registration your exact logo but with a different colour, I doubt the Australian trademarks office would approve their application but if they did, your competition would need to mount a significant court challenge if they wanted to stop you from using your prior Trademark Registration registration in a different colour. Tou can apply, at the same time, for Trademark Registration registration of your logo in various colour "SERIES" for an additional total (not each) fee of $99  Trade Mark SERIES examples:

Perth Forum

Perth Map

Logo Design for New Trademark Registration Services

Will you spend hours explaining Australian Trademark registration questions and answers via phone support for free?
No.  If you have phone questions taking more than 5 minutes, open a professional Australian Trade Mark Registration consultation service account and we will draw down on your credit @ Aust$2 per minute with a minimum of US$50 for 2 half hour trade mark consultation sessions.

What happens if I pay US$400 total for Trade Mark Registration application and an Australian Trade Mark search revels my Trade Mark is already taken?
You will receive a US$450 refund. Or we can try for a "Fuzzy"
(non-REAL text) Trade Mark (logo ONLY).


What happens if we go ahead with trade mark registration application in Australia but the Australian trade mark application is rejected after 3 months by the Australian governments trade marks office?
We will refund US$200 even though we've done, client needs analysis, research, application work and various fee payments.


Do you do logo design?
Logo design. (optional extra) and optional submission of your logo to the governments trade mark registration authority.  We'll email a few versions of your logo for your selection or sit with us to contribute to the design.  If you already have a design we can upgrade it or produce variants of it such as colour changes, embossing and drop shadows. The design will not cost more than the U$100 it takes to open an account with our graphic designers.  See
Banner Ads

Did you get my email?
No. I receive 3,000 (sic) emails per day of which 100 legitimate ones get past my SpamArrest service. Better use our contact form. If we have time we will try to answer your BRIEF trade mark registration question.


Where can I post Australian Trade Mark Forum Question?
In Perth's IP Forum


How long does Australian Trade Mark Registration Last?

Why do you package Australian Trade Mark services?
It's cheaper and more coherent project management for you than a trade mark search, an application, a registration payment, a domain name registration, a registered trading name, etc etc, and though you might not realise it now, there are other bits of intellectual property such as KEYWORD RICH domain names that not only strengthen your Australian Trade Mark claim but also assists with web marketing and in particular site popularity due to search engine success.


Is there an extra service fee for using your Australian trade mark office address for our Hong Kong company?

What well branded Australian trade mark have you registered?

Australian trade mark registrarLeft. "4 Web Marketing" successfully trade marked this well known trade mark for a large Australian mining company client of ours.


Please can you advise me of the costs to transfer 2 registered trademarks from the original business owner to another business and the processes needed to do this?
Send your $220 cheque to 4 Web Marketing, POB 334, Scarborough, 6922, with assignment supporting documents such as a receipt (can be a one dollar sale), and details (names, contacts, ABN/ACN etc) I'll complete  forms, and send them off to the Australian Trade Marks office. Wait a few weeks for your Trade Mark certificate copies officially endorsed by the Australian Trade Marks office. The Trade Marks office won't send new originals but rather a copy of the original plus their endorsement of change of Trade Mark ownership.

Would you consider agency representation our company in Australia and at what fee?
Yes @ $330 per hour of piecemeal work of an hour here and there (we specialise in web marketing) or @$120 p/h for > 8 hours straight, or a Aust$2,000 pa retainer plus negotiated commissions and or shareholding.


If you have more Trade Mark Registration questions, please post them in our Australian Intellectual Property forum. An advisor will answer your Australian Trade Marking questions soon.


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