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Australian Trade Mark Registration Information
Email: Australian Trade Mark Registration Service
Why use us?  Because we're about half price of Australian trade mark lawyers. We perform an administrative function only. If there is a dispute, by all means use a Trade Mark lawyer.

Trade Mark Registration Plan


Australian Trade Mark search, report, and trade mark LODGEMENT (filing) of APPLICATION

Up front
ADDITIONAL Australian Trade Mark REGISTRATION fee approximately 6 months AFTER application approval for ONE CLASS and BEFORE public objection period. If your trade mark is successfully opposed you will receive a US$250 refund.

Total TM Registration Investment, 1 category withOUT Extras such as a domain name

Total Trade Mark Registration Plan


Who needs Australian trade mark registration protection?:

  • Serious international and Australian business owners wanting control of their intellectual property in Australia.
  • Wives of above wanting ultimate option of bring businessmen husband/s to their knees.
  • Importers
  • Australian business agents representing international business in Australia.
  • Owners of other Australian IP wanting match ups with their
    • Australian state business name registrations
    • Registered Australian Company Name
    • Australian patent registrations
    • Registered domain names.