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Pay Per Click marketing applied to search engines is known as Search Engine Marketing or SEM.

Search engine marketing is suited to:

  • Short term events such as promotion of a weekend concert or

  • If you have deep pockets and lots to gain such as a big brand online travel agency.

When you hire an Australian search engine marketing company you're paying for:

  1. Their management fee

  2. The cost per click (CPC) they pay search engines'

  3. Their profit

"4 Web Marketing" search engine marketing fees in Australia:

  • $370 one time, 4 hour set-up of your keywords, filters, bid rates, reports.

  • Receipt of your SEM budget

  • $100 per month one hour client liaison, reporting, tweeking your Australian SEM marketing.

Professional search engine marketing specialists in Australia connect your sales information with customers searching for what you sell. A must read for search marketing if you have a Website Lost In Australia.


SEO WebSite Promotion:

Opt-in Email Marketing for internet marketing strategies.

Ezines for web marketing

Rotating linked banner ads for instant web traffic today.

Search Marketing for cost effective business development.

Marketing media cost benefit comparison.

Comprehensive Site Statistics for search marketing.

Search Marketing service for B2B networking and B2C marketing strategies.

Free links on winning business directories for Search Marketing clients

Free Website Promotion Tips for Search Marketing strategies.

Marketing Manuals for Search Marketing strategies

search engine marketing strategies Marketing Search Marketing

Ask our satisfied search engine marketing clients who will gladly testify to dramatically increased search engine position ranking our search engine marketing strategies have helped them achieve.

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Geek speak from self claiming professional search engine marketing specialists in Australia, such as we'll improve your keywords meta tag etc does not matter one iota. You need to ask: "demonstrate search engine successes you've achieved for your clients' COMPETITIVE keyword phrases."
 What Next

1. Select a Search Marketing Plan

HINT: The more you invest in search engine marketing strategies the better the results. We'd love to be able to tell you how to get a gazillion visitors for five bucks but the reality is it takes time and effort. The more you invest in search engine marketing the better chances you have of top search engine position.

EG, if you're in a competitive market such as accommodation, then a lot of work needs to be done to even begin competing in ranking wars against some of the large established hotels / agents.

. Our search engine marketing consultant will review your site and report www (world wide winning) search engine marketing strategies for your site.

3. If you're still confused after your first 15 minutes of free search engine marketing consultation, start your search engine marketing investment by opening a search engine marketing consultation account.

 After Search Engine Marketing

If waiting several week* after our search engine submission of your site to the major search engines is not for you, talk to us about pay per click marketing management / and expensive express submissions.

Most  go through smoothly the first time but if there is a problem, be prepared to wait... unless you are willing to pay hundreds TO EACH Search Engine for express search engine registration!

The best search engine marketing service follow-up to visitors to your website is to have an opt-in ezine - an online newsletter.

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