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$770 then $70 per month for 24 months. This works out at a total of @ $2,450 and then STOPS, unlike our competitors which keep you on the drip forever.

The Discount Web Marketing Marketing Plan for Australian small business budgets is for non-competitive phrases and designed to give significant increases in site popularity for SME websites which designers might have made look good but are poorly optimised sites Australia wide. What you get:

  • SEO
  • Media buying and managing your pay per click marketing. We can get big discounts off the market PPC rate.
  • 4 hours of Social media marketing
  • Free linked pins on our popular Google maps.

This is budget web marketing for small businesses Australia wide that don't need world domination of competitive phrases. Our professional web marketing consultants won't be chasing you for custom nor provide a quotation for discount web marketing. It's all below.  Your interest in this discount web marketing is demonstrated by your: completion of the initial Contact Form, signing a credit application form and payment.  Yes our web marketing consultants need to find out about your small business, your needs and web marketing concerns in the first hour of web marketing advice / web marketing consultation.

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DISCOUNT web marketing

What you get in this Discount Web Marketing Plan

  • Site Report
  • Google's "User Experience" report for mobile and desktops.
  • Good Keyword Research (top keywords used worldwide and your region) including keyword phrases used by your competitors.
  • New Domain Name for 2 years based on the Good Keyword Research
  • Search search engine optimisation of 3 of your web pages including:
    • Improved targeted page title creations
    • Improvement description "meta tags"
    • Improvement keyword meta tag creations
    • Alt images tag keyword descriptions. 
    • Keyword rich text to home page.
  • RELIABLE web hosting
  • Map Marketing:  Free linked pins on our popular Google maps which gets.
  • COMPREHENSIVE site statistics any time you login to your web marketing plan.
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Links from 4 of our popular websites to INSTANTLY start driving traffic to your site and more importantly kick off your link exchange programme
  • Links to your existing site's key pages such as home page, booking or ecommerce forms. We'll keep the look of your new, optimised doorway site similar to your existing site.

What YOU Need to Do to Start Our Discount web marketing

  • Pay securely online or Snail mail your A$770 cheque or to open your professional Discount web marketing Plan to "4 Web Marketing" POB 334, Scarborough (Perth) Western Australia, Australia 6922  With this discounted web marketing plan, don't expect us to chase you with our sales pitch. Your sincerity is judged by your prompt payment and completion of our web marketing Plan Form. Communications with tyre kickers will not be entered into.
  • Download, complete and return our credit application form which remains valid @ $70 per month for 2 years.

If your site is very niche eg: selling snow skis at Ayre's Rock, our marketing guarantee of achieving world's top 2% of most popular sites is not valid.

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If we can get top of competitive phrases in big places like Australia, then it's a push over to get you top of less competitive phrases such as "accommodation your suburb" or "furniture store your suburb"

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