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I guess you found my SEO in Perth because this page was SEOed by the best SEOer in Perth.

SEO tip 1: Never select a self-proclaiming "SEO expert" based on price. Any and many spamming shysters offer to get your web page on page one of search engines. Their spam emails from India, offering SEO doesn't reveal their own website because they don't even have a website. Or if they do it fails at SEO. Pay peanuts, get monkeys with half baked SEO and no protection under Australian consumer protection laws.

SEO tip 2: When choosing an SEO company in Perth ask "What COMPETITIVE phrases have you achieved for your clients?" Here's a link to screen shots of some of our yellow highlighed "organic" SERP (search engine result page) winners. SEO Perth

SEO tip 3: If you've paid thousands of dollars for web design which is lost in cyberspace and the web designer then says pay thousands more for SEO because we also do SEO, then be careful.  Most web designers come from a print shop background. Good at design but don't understand SEO, nor have 15 years of honed SEO experience as we do. As you can see from our pages, we're not web designers. We specialise in SEO in Perth WA. Ideally come and see us for a free SEO consultation BEFORE you head down the wrong path with your web designer. We not only set important criteria / KPIs for your web designer but for a small fee can manage your web development so that when it's finished, your website is compatible with the latest search engine updates.

If you already have a website lost in cyberspace, we'll anyalyse it free of charge and advise you whether it is more economical to SEO it or reconstruct it before SEO is started.  Don't do it the other way round. ie Get SEO done and then reconstruct sites that owners have gotten tired of the design. That often ends in wiping out the SEO.

Many web design companies in Perth have failed to deliver satisfactory SEO. With good SEO you should see SIGNIFICANT increase in site popularity, a KPI, and conversions of visitors into sales.

SEO tip 4: Get the whole cost including ongoing cost of SEO. Perth SEO companies are charging up to $900 per month for EVER. You stop paying, they switch off your website.

SEO tip 5: Ensure you or your company control intellectual property such as domain names and Australian Trademarks. Not your web developer, nor your partner.  If you're not sure, phone me at my Perth office and I'll do a quick, free check/report to tell you over the phone who the registrant of your domain name is.

SEO tip 6: Even if you already have an SEO marketing company in Perth working for you, come and visit our northern suburbs Perth office at Trigg for a free, confidential review / report of what SEO your SEOer has done for you and what you need to tell them to further SEO your site and what SEO KPI targets they need to achieve.

This SEO marketing Perth page has been for Perth business managers. Technical SEO tips here.

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