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WebPage Analysis Reports

webpage analysis reports

Quantitative objective webpage reports. No guessing, ifs, buts, or maybes. Let 4 Web Marketing put the web meter on your valuable windows to the world and send you DETAILED web analysis reports about the health of your website for better position on search engine results. Follow links to web page analysis reports of your choosing below and complete the application form. Discuss web page analysis reports with 4WebMarketing or your web developer and say fix our web page so that it's found by search engines. A web report is one thing, web analysis and expert recommendations derived from a web report is another service which is included.

  • SEO recommendations you can take action to fix

The Good Keywords Report Suggests phrases pertaining to your business which ARE searched for (not what you hope or guess are searched for) and how many times phrases were searched.

Shows your position on 30 major search engines for a number of phrases you give us. Shows your competitors' positions too.

VERY comprehensive tips about targeted keywords at strategic places in your web page, keyword density report, etc.

  • Link Reports

We know Google.com and sometimes FaceBook are the most popular sites in the world. Youtube is 3rd while Yahoo.com is the most popular site in Asia but how popular is your site ranked of the 300 million sites on the world wide web ? Phone your web address to +61 8 94486660 for fast free report.

By a human not a machine. This report does not include search engine optimisation training

Error filled html could seriously hurt your position ranking by search engines.  Chances are your web pages are riddled with errors humans won't see, but search engine spiders do.

Determine anticipated return you will get on your Internet advertising

Want to know how many people interacted with your social media. If you have social media signals embedded on your pages but don't have time to analayse your social media reports, we can condense them into executive summaries with recommendations.

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To receive web analysis reports there is a 2 part process:

  1. Secure US$40 Payment via ClickBank.

  2. Completion of a brief web report form you'll see AFTER payment, including your contact details so we know where to send your web analysis reports to.

Without BOTH you won't receive your web analysis report.

Get all 6 x US$40 reports above by opening your account before midnight  for only US$100

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