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Early 2004 after Google's "Florida" update, Yahoo and Google went separate ways. Google started placing more importance on links to your site. 4 Web Marketing's Link exchange program is for the business person too busy to arrange links to their own site. If you find yourself in Yahoo but fallen off page one of Google, it's usually because you have not engaged in a link exchange program. Links can be bought, links can be arranged in-house, or you can have 4 Web Marketing organise your link exchange program.  It's not just the number of links to your site that matter.

link exchange programme

Some search engine positioning factors:

  • Quality of links exchanged
    • For example if you're in the airline business, links from large airlines (relevant links) or .gov would be better than a link from your son's heavy metal band website.
  • Popularity of links exchanged.
    • A link from a site more popular than your own is better than a link from a site less popular.
  • Number of links exchanged


  • Current links to your site report before we start your Link Exchange Program

  • We check that at least 10 of the sites agreeing to link exchange with your site are in the top one millionth in popularity as ranked by Alexa. We check that the other 20 sites agreeing to link exchange with you are MORE popular than yours.

  • We check that the link exchanged is not with a competitor of yours in the same country, unless their site is much more popular than your site. (We don't want you losing business to them)

  • We check link reciprocators have a non-tricky link from their HOME page to their links page with your link on it.

  • We email you each month a new links page with sites which have agreed to link exchange with your site until we reach 30. We can continue to 75 links (+another $400 now or later) Don't go for more if you are a VERY fussy link exchanger. Example: Only accepting link exchanging from other post natal mother sites in Botswana.

  • All clients get a free link exchange with 4 Web Marketing and 4 of our own popular sites.

  • Understand that while the link exchanging is very worthwhile in improving your search engine position, it takes MONTHS for search engine spiders to find link pages and therefore the link exchange program to help push your listing up search engine results pages.

    • Firstly we wait for reciprocators to want to link to you. We can't force them to link exchange with your site.  If after a couple of months we discover not enough are wanting to link exchange with you, we become more proactive by seeking out popular sites, preferably in the same category as yours, listed on the exchange (like a stock exchange) and request link exchanging. We also use our funds to promote you higher by bidding on the sponsored list of traders wanting to link exchange.

    • Once monthly batch exchanges have been agreed and implemented, it can take MONTHS for search engine spiders to detect links on other sites which link back to your site.

Link Exchange Program Conditions:

  • If 4 Web Marketing are NOT managing your site, we will email your link exchange page to you or your web designer.

  • A rule of "The Link Exchange" program is there must be a link from your home page to the link exchange page we make for you for search engine spiders to follow.

  • If your links page is removed (maybe by your web designer) we will contact you. If you fail to reciprocate link building within a couple of months we will hide your profile from the exchange. After 6 months of no valid links page on your website, we will delete your profile. The same if you fail to make US$100 pa payment for our ongoing link building work for you. A new profile set-up on the international exchange will again cost US$300

  • Investment cost of Link Exchange Program

    US$300 set-up and start link building plus US$100 each following year to check links to your website are maintained, warn link reciprocators if links to your site are removed or replace links if they are removed to maintain at least 30 quality links to your site.

NOTE: It takes months to COMPLETE the link exchange program and then months for search engines to detect links on other sites TO your site. If you do NOT receive your first several links from us to kick off your link exchange program within a week of payment, please contact us by telephone or SMS.

US$400 Link Exchange Program Payment

Link exchange billing info

Example links exchange page.

Example Link Exchange Programme Profile Building:
reciprocal link exchange program

Link Exchange Testimonial

Your part in the Link Exchange Programme:  It is important that you add the links I send you to your links page ASAP otherwise the reciprocal link exchanger might cancel their link to your site.

Link Exchange

If you want to link exchange with 4 Web Marketing AND your site popularity ranking is inside the 200,000th, complete the form below: If your site is not popular yet, a Secure ClickBank US$100 payment will get you on our links page/s. Link exchange requests from Search engine losers will not be replied to without payment.

If you meet link exchange criteria, we will link back to you within 7 days, when our web manager uploads the next batch of new links. Link exchange description and instructions follow:

  1. FIRST you will publish a link to one or more of our sites on your links page.

  2. Your home page will have a link to your links page.

  3. Your link exchange page must be indexed/found by search engines.

  4. Your links page must not be more than 3 levels deep.

  5. You must NOT have more than 75 links per each of your link exchange pages.

  6. No to link farms. The usual suspects are request for triangular or 3 way link exchanges.

  7. If you are a Search Engine Marketing Plans client of 4 Web Marketing, you will automatically get free one way links from my popular sites for one year, to kick off your link exchange programme.

Select one or more batches of html from below and paste to your link exchange page:

Invest in The ESSENTIAL Link Exchange Programme and you'll get a comprehensive, FREE Position Ranking Report.

Like a stock exchange we use a centralized link exchange. Like a swap meet in a car park. We build your profile and offer it to the exchange.  Exchange Rules:

  • We'll give your profile the correct category.

  • No HTML code anywhere in your profile (example: .:Title:. or "0 Title")

  • No special characters used in your domain name. @!

  • You must have a link to your links page on your homepage. By not having a link page you aren't doing anyone any good let alone search engine spiders without a strand of web to crawl on.

When I send you your new links page or upload it, do NOT change the file name eg linkexchange/links.htm to linktrader.asp

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Phone Ben if you have any questions about our Link Exchange Program.
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