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Hotel digital marketing for hotels in Singapore includes consultation and or hands on internet advertising for hotels in Singapore:

  1. Search Engine Optimisation SEO marketing of your Singaporean hotel website.
  2. Social Media Marking for hotels in Singapore.
  3. Google map marketing. Is your Singaporean hotel missing out on tourist discovery via Google maps?
  4. Free 20 360° VR hotel photos of Singaporean hotels when our photographer stays 2 nights during a fam tour. See
  5. Help with setting up and training hotel marketing managers with Google My Business for hotels. If you're not using GMB, you're missing out on a BIG free kick from Google.
  6. Innovative, interactive hotel phone audio call waiting technology. Don't lose a sale because tourists calling in to book hang up after listening to boring muzak on hold. Let phone callers choose while hoteliers gain valuable customer data and while callers get an improved customer experience. (CEX). Speek with Ray's Singaporean connection.
  7. Online advertorials on 100 word paragraph S$170pa with "nofollow" link S$250pa with "dofollow" link S$270pa or exclusively your, up to 900 words, whole webpage hosting S$700pa.
  8. Cheap hotel video production examples and video marketing for hotels in Singapore including (drone) quadcopter fly-throughs with a HD video camera.
  9. Market upsells to hotel guests while they sign-in to your hotel's WiFi. Promote your hotel restaurants / tour desk / other hotels in your hotel chain etc, with all the interactive options of web page offerings during WiFi sign-in.
    Do market surveying of hotel guests' personal data collection for remarketing when they sign-in to your hotel's WiFi.
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Cheaper than you think: A two day stay/famtour will give time to capture the best features of your hotel. In content marketing, "Content is king". Embed our free video prodctions on your hotel video marketing page. In the hands of your travel agents, travel wholesalers and or Singaporean social MEDIA marketer's job of creating buzz marketing, aerial video of hotels in Singapore is AWESOME marketing. If your hotel in Singapore is not a luxury hotel, more showing off the environment attractions near your hotel is an option.

MORE MARKETING FOR SINGAPORE HOTELS:Google Places hotel marketing Singapore

Video SEO Singapore hotel marketing is included free with fam tours of hotels in Singapore. Search Engine Optimisation SEO marketing of your Singapore hotel video on the world's 3rd most popular website / search engine which delivers video marketing: YouTube.

Google Places consultation for better hotel marketing on Google Maps and Google Earth. eg: Getting your hotel photos and hotel video on your Google Places pin on the map of Singapore

Publishing your banner ads and video marketing on POPULAR Singapore hotel accommodation websites. Advertorial on popular Singapore related web pages such as:

Social media marketing management for hotels in Singapore.


PPC Marketing. Let "4 Web Marketing" manage pay per click marketing for Singapore hotels.

Marketing discounts apply for not-for-profit organisations such as the Singapore Hotels Association and for members of the Singapore Hotels Association.

Contact Ben, 4 Web Marketing's digital marketing manager with your incentive for marketing  hotels in Singapore including onsite professional development of Singaporean hotel marketing executives.

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4 Web Marketing is a global digital marketing agency providing internet marketing for Singapore hotel resorts, luxury apartments, condos and those with the job of hotel marketing manager in Singapore.  4 Web Marketing offers results driven hotel Internet marketing strategies in Singapore.  4 Web Marketing's sucessful, demonstratable search engine marketing and software helps Singapore hotel revenue managers / Singapore hotel marketing managers compete online for competetive keyword phrases.  For more Singapore hotel marketing information have your Singapore hotel marketing manager, phone +618 41895-8799 or use our contact form above.

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