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Google Places marketing is an essential free Google web marketing tool for any Australian businesses wanting geographical information system (GIS) embedded on your website but more importantly, having your Google Places marketing seen by custermers searching for what you sell, in a local mapped location near customers. In other words the benefit is your business is discoverable through:

  • Google Maps

  • Google+ Local searches.

  • Google search engine searches.

Google My Business

is the backend where you can manage your pages. Google+ Local Places

Google+ Local

Google+ Local is an adaptation of Google Places. Displayed information comes from:

  1. What the business owner who follows:
    "Is this your business"
    Google+ Local Places .. or via Google Places for Business, provides their business information which is varified by SMS or postcard via snail mail from Google.

  2. Reviews from Google+ public members.

Example 4 Web Marketing's verified Google+ Local listing. Note the verified shield/tick next to my circular profile photo at the top left of the page. "Manage this page" is a path to "Google My Business"
Google+ Local marketing

Google Places marketing is free from Google.  "4 Web Marketing" showing you how isn't.

Google Palces show as linked pins on Google Maps and Google Earth.

Local Google+ pages connect with business’s physical location. For example, local pages include a map of the business’s location at the top of the page and feature its address, phone number, and hours of operation. Once you've clicked the example above, search for your business in the text box at the top of the Local Google+ page

Google Places also show near the top of Google search results, under Adwords Pay Per Click (PPC), mixed and usually beating some of the best SEO'ed pages
pin on Google map


Once you have your marketing pin on Google Places you, or if you're too busy, "4 Web Marketing" can, for a small help fee, add the following content to show in your Google Places pin:

  • Marketing Text including hyper-text (links) to your web pages

  • Photos

  • Video. You may need to sign into your Google account to see this embedde video example


  • From the top right hand side of for example www.mapgoogle.org  there are 2 sets of html. The top is a link you can copy to any zoomed in place on Google Map and for example add it to your email signature file or a link on a page. Example: My current location.  Or you can copy and email the linke to show some a place on Google Maps.  Tip: Rather than trying to remember a long URL for a commonly used map you and buy a domain name and point it to the long Goolge places URL.
    Example:  www.mapgoogle.org point to one of "4 Web Marketing's" Google maps at:

  • As mentioned, you can copy and embed the html code from the second option at the top RHS of Google Maps, into the html of a web page or html formated email.


Pins on Google Places maps are free but if you're too busy to add your pin, we can, for a small fee. The fee depends on the content in your pin.  If it's just some text like "ACME Co. here we are" Then $100 should cover invoicing, liason and actually placing your pin. It also depends of which Google map. If it's our www.mapgoogle.org,  we can also add much more of your content included in the $100, but if you needed video production, that adds a minimum of $500 to cost of your pinned Google Places marketing.

How to Get a Pin On Google Maps?

For a start, to get a pin on Google Maps, you'll need a phone that Google can send an SMS to confirm you own that location. You can't have used that phone for any other Google Places marketing. You should have your phone on and ready to type the SMS'ed code into Google Places text box.  You will not need any of this if you want your $100 pin on www.mapgoogle.org  We are here to help you with Google Places marketing. We are NOT Google.

You can either add you pin on Google Maps via Google Places or you can open your account with "4 Web Marketing" and then contact us with the STREET address or exact coordinants of where you want your pin and information you want showing once your pin is clicked. Also let us know which default Google Places pin you want or for a fee we can design a unique Google Places pin for you @ $200.

How to Market Pins on Google Places

Once your pin is listed with Google Places, it will show at the top of the list if it is the only pin in a particular location or if there are a number of pins about the same search phrase, in the same location, then good Google Places marketing will show your pin on top of page one of search results.

How to Get Good Google Places Marketing

The best way to get good Google Places Marketing is to Contact Ben Grummels "4 Web Marketing's" Google Places Marketing customer service.

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