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What is Webdesign?

Most discussions of Webdesign get off track in short order, because what people mean by the expression varies so dramatically. While everyone has some sense of what Webdesign is, few seem able to define it exactly.

Certain components, such as graphic design or programming, are a part of any discussion, but their importance in the construction of sites varies from person to person and from site to site. Some consider the creation and organization of content—or, more formally, the information architecture—as the most important aspect of Webdesign. Other factors—ease of use, the value and function of the site within an organization's overall operations, and site delivery, findable for the search engines among many others—remain firmly within the realm of web development. With influences from library science, graphic design, programming, networking, user interface design, usability, and a variety of other sources.

Webdesign is truly a multidisciplinary field.

The Seven C's of Webdesign

  • Context - Aesthetical and functional look and feel - traditional, hip, edgy, utilitarian, emotional - the how of site design. Colour, humour, focus, graphics

  • Content - Any digital subject matter on the site - text, video, audio, and Graphics -- the what of site design.

  • Community - A feeling of membership in a group and a strong sense of Involvement - shared common interests. -- the why of site design.

  • Customization - The sites' ability to tailor itself to a user. Or to be personalized by each user -- the touch of site design.

  • Communication - Dialog between the site and the user -- the muscle of site design.

  • Connection - Extent of Formal Linkages Between the Site and Other Sites -- the networking of site design.

  • Commerce - The actual sale of goods and services on the site -- the commerce of site design.

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