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What is Corporate Design?

Corporate Design may be defined as a deliberately planned all encompassing design program which provides a clear, concise, uniform - but not necessarily equal, monotone - style characteristic for the products, services and organization of an enterprise. Optical continuity with regards to the Corporate Identity, results from the uniform interaction of brand, product, graphic and architectural design.

A CD is an image of the harmony of enterprise plans, goals, actions, communication and exterior appearance. It visualizes the specific business competence and the way the company sees itself. It provides the company with a clear-cut, visible presence, profiles it against it competitors, and helps to win attention and positive desire for its products and services

What includes Corporate Design:

Corporate logos - If you do not have one we will develop one.

Corporate colour(s) - do they match you service image?

Company Stationery - Letterheads, envelopes, business cards, homepage, newsletter etc

Logo der HdM


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Design in Perth
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