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Let Spiders find your Gateway Pages

Gateway pages, unlike doorway page do not need to rank highly with search engines.  Gateway pages use links in them to allow search engine spiders (robots) to find the optimised pages you want them to index.

It is not necessary for gateway pages to contain meta tags, text nor graphics, because its main purpose is to present spiders with a collection of links to your other web pages on your website. But since your viewers may see a gateway page, it may as well look and work like a useful page.  Spiders may do a "deep crawl" and index most of the pages on your site.  Secondly some spiders give a slight ranking boost to pages they "discover" themselves.

Host your Gateway Pages on a different server

This may result in a small search engine boost for your pages, and to some degree will increase your inbound link popularity.  Most Internet Service Providers offer limited hosting with accounts. If your gateway pages are on, for example your home ISP account with links to all web pages on your organisation's site:

  • Your site popularity is improved and 
  • Search engines will rate your organisation's web pages slightly better. (if you can get a gateway page of a very popular site, your link popularity will be even better.

A Word of Caution

Although many spiders are very good at following links there is no guarantee it will follow all of them. If you choose to use a gateway page as a means of submission you should monitor your site to see if all your pages are being indexed by the spiders. 4 Web Marketing can do ranking checks on your pages and give you regular reports on the position ranking of your pages, or you can do manual searches yourself.

Some people prefer the laborious task of submitting all their pages by hand.  4 Web Marketing can submit your gateway pages to search engines for a small fee.

Gateway pages are included in website promotion plans


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