Marketing Copywriting

  1. Real-time Copywriting

    Classic copywriters mull over phrases, but in online advertising, ads need to feel part of a conversation that is happening now on a site. Real time copywriting directors create and quickly edit copy, while tracking conversations across social media. Copy writers monitoring and responding to current social media get the viral marketing results of a real-time viral marketing campaign.

  2. Good Copywriting for Google Adwords.

    1. Improves the click through rate (CTR) from your Google ad.
    2. Improves the Google "Quality Score" of the landing page on your site which your Google ad links to which then reduces the cost per click (CPC) you're paying for your Google ad.
  3. Script Writing for Viral Video Marketing

    1. Script writing for entertaining or informatative videos is essential for video vial marketing.
    2. Social media response writing for videos to social media is key for good public relations
    3. SEO on the world's 3rd most popular website -- Youtube which specialises in video searches is key for video marketing success.
  4. Copywriting Tools / Resources

    1. Google Trends
    2. Good Keywords Report
      Research to find what words people are searching for.

      When you've figured out you most important phrases, write your approximately half A4 equivalent web page to target your phrase. Most build pages then wonder what phrase to target. Be professional and with your writing skills help build a web page for phrase/s.

      Social Media Marketing
      Get your copywriting director to work with your social media monitoring team.

      Weave targeted keywords into your copywriting

      1. In the first sentence  (see definition of "prominence") of the first paragraph
      2. Your most important phrase for that page, in at least every third sentence
      3. In the last sentence of your page.
      4. Descriptions of photos
      5. Keep your keyword density up but don't overdo it.
      6. Compare copywriting of winning and losing web pages
    3. FAQs
  5. Headings for search engines:

    If you are formatting web pages, use

    1. h1 tag for the most important phrase.

    2. H2 the second most important phrase H3 etc

    3. Keep the keyword density in your headings as high as possible

  6. To keep your keyword density high

    1. Do NOT use some of my pet hate words. Words rarely searched for.  If you insist using these words, use images of these words instead:
      copywriting for search engines
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