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Australian tourism marketing is specialised. There are many great Australian tourism marketing successes.  Tourism and hotel marketing Australia wide and world wide is most cost effectively done by Australian hotel marketers. We're not about web design, though we can recommend professionals if you don't have a site or if your old site isn't mobile-friendly. We're about SIGNFICANTLY improving your revPAR.

If we can SEO COMPETETIVE phrases..
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.. we can do it for your hotel at your location.

8.4 million visitors arrive in Australia per year. R U getting your share of tourist arrivals in your state at your tourist operation or hotel? See Australian tourism arrival stats below.

Tourism Marketing, Australian Hotel Web Marketing Case:

One of our small hotel clients we consult to spends $6,000 a year on their Australian hotel website marketing.  They pull in $40,000 worth of bookings a week from it.  Admittedly that's not profit but crunch those numbers and in any bean counter's books they're damn good.  Why?  Not because their website looks better than yours but PRIMARILY because travellers searching for accommodation in their location find them near the top of page one of search engine results. Another accommodation property client we do tourism marketing for in Australia gets over 90% of its bookings directly via search engines.  We can do the same for your Australian hospitality industry web marketing for less than $7,000.


Below is an example of hotel site popularity reporting that Australian hotel marketing managers should be including in their monthly hotel marketing reports to hotel GMs, CFOs and other hotel executives.

We offer free tracking of your hotel site popularity ranking using Alexa which is owned by the richest man in the world. Data driving the above chart comes from the Au Hotels tab on our Google site popularity sheet. The next tab to the right, AuHotChart shows a full screen version of the hotel site populartiy chart above. Australian hotel marketing managers can contact Ben to add your hotel's site popularity to our Google sheet free of charge, for either public or private view. Example Alexa data source:

hotel marketing Australia
Australian Tourism Marketing Australia Budgets
business tourism marketing Australia
Business Tourism Marketing Budgets pa.

tourism revenue Australia Asia
Amount in dollars of how much inbound tourists spend in Australia with Australia listed second in to Thailand in all of Asia.

Outbound Australian tourist spend chart.
outbound Australian tourist spend chart

Hotel Room Occupancy Rate Australia

Show off your hotel with more good content marketing using Google's Business View for hotels. Example:

If you want help on marketing your Australian hotel like this, phone Ben on +61 418958799.
Cheap 360 degree VR Photos of Hotel Rooms

Why 4 Web Marketing for Tourism Marketing Australia?

  1. We are currently the best digital marketers in Australia and among the best in the world. That comes from full time digital marketing experience since 1999 BG (Before Google)
    Hotel Marketing Asia
    See more of our example organic SERP competitive phrase winners yellow highlighted via SERP screenshots.

  2. Digital Marketing Testimonials.

  3. Free introductory digital marketing consultation for Australian hoteliers by phoning Ben on 0418 958 799 including a review/report about your hotel's home page SEO factors.

  4. Cost : Benefit.  In the USA, digital marketing campaigns can cost US$30,000.  We do the same for Australian tourism businesses at a fraction of this with digital marketing plans starting at Aust$99 pw including social media marketing management.  What would this amount of web marketing get you?  It got 4 Web Marketing's on page one of search engines for phrases such as brand marketing australia.   Even if you are small in the Australian hospitality industry or just starting out, you can get your tourism marketing message out Australia wide and to travellers world wide in full, animated, living colour 24/7/365 with a small hotel marketing budget.

  5. Web Tourism Marketing can get your Australian tourism sales information in front of the eye balls of international travellers specifically searching for Australian tourism information which your website offers.Australian trade

  6. 4 Web Marketing's Tourism Marketing Australian division is Australian owned and operated by a leader of international tourism marketing overseas for 10 years.  The profits stay in Australia.  2/3 of our clients are Australian.  4 Web Marketing have successfully exported our wining Australian tourism digital marketing services to international tourism clients using digital marketing strategies.

  7. Ben the 4 Web Marketing's Western Australian managing director has had formal cross cultural training by the Australian Overseas Service Bureau and has lived and work overseas for 11 years, successfully marketing tourism services to international clients. This positions Ben for tourism marketing development in Australia by combining his successful experience in: hospitality industry marketing, community development in Australia and internationally, with his world beating tourism marketing success.

  8. Free map marketing for all clients. Your linked pins on our many popular maps. Eg

  9. For Australian hotel online advertising we offer 50% off the market Pay Per Click rate on our popular hotel and destination websites. Eg our,
    our which is more popular according to Alexa than

    Question: Who sets the market PPC (CPC) rate? Answer: Adwords.

  10. English translations of your Australian tourism websites for Australian tourism marketing to Europe and Asia.

  11. Lots of free digital marketing advice.Here's a tip: Page load speed is an important search engine ranking signal. That's even more true for searches using a mobile device such as a smart phone because search engines don't want to inflict heavy data downloads, especially over the mobile network. Let's face it, most travellers while travelling use their mobile phone to search for hotels. Phone Ben on 0418958799 for free analysis a hotel's web page load speed:

    • We give you a page load speed score report,

    • Resources, ie, optimised images of every image on your webpage for your web designer to replace and

    • For Australian hotels using the Wordpress CMS, we offer digital marketing advice as how to fix/improve your hotels page load speed.

  12. Another marketing tip: Don't wave the white flag to OTAs. For a number of reasons it's better invest in your OWN hotel marketing than subsidising an OTA's.


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    New Zealander visit stats to Australia

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    hotel marketing Australia
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    Ben Grummels got on the front cover of the Cook Islands Lonely Plant book. Ben gives tourism digital marketing discounts for not for profit organisations Australia wide such as tourist bureaus, Meetings and Events Australia of which Ben was a member, etc.
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    4 Web marketing offer generous discounts to not-for-profit hotel associations organisations. Australian regional development organisations, Community IT centres, etc. 

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