Brand marketing Australia wide services include:

  • Web brand marketing

  • Protecting your brand in Australia with filing new trade mark applications in Australia and or representing foreign trade mark holders with an Australian address.

  • SMO marketing is for brand marketing rather than revenue generation. If you're looking for faster revenue, invest in Search engine optimization over social media.

SEO Supports Australian Brand Marketing

..when clients using search engines to search for a GENERIC phrase see your Australian brand.
Australian brand marketing

Web brand marketing online is THE most cost effective way of promoting your brand to the right people.  Example: If you've spent millions on your brand like Qantas has, that word is OK to target for SEO but if you're a small new airline in Australia then it'd be better to target "airline australia"  Your winning search results show to travellers from Finland who might never heard of your airline brand.  Not only are these travellers eager customers seeing your sales pitch but will also be seeing your airline's brand for brand reinforcement / brand recognition Australia and world wide.
airline brand marketing Australia

Brand marketing strategies Australia wide can also come from media buying on webpages related to your brand products or brand service. Up-sell example: Your brand advertisement about home loans on a real estate website.

Social media brand marketing

4 Web Marketing is not saying give up brand marketing for mass consumer products on Print, Radio, TV.  Brand marketing mix can be OK for certain things and budgets; but what we are saying is for targeting niche markets in geographical place names, there is no better value brand marketing than web marketing.

In addition to SEO there is also the option of pay per click marketing on popular websites such as Map Australia, Google and Yahoo. Google's brand for PPC marketing is called "AdWords" It's a well know brand in Australia, however Yahoo should not be overlook as it is still the most popular website in Asia.  We can manage your PPC marketing or SEO in Australia. The brand marketing strategy you use depends on which products / service and market you are trying to reach out to from Australia.  For example if you're into export marketing you might want English language translations and SEO of some of your "landing pages" but if you only want brand marketing in Perth then your brand on the VERY popular from 30c per day would be GREAT brand marketing value.

Another brand marketing idea catching on in Australia is the use of videos embedded on your webpage which features your logo all the way through the video. We and organise free hosting of your video / TV ad and embedding on your web page.

Below is our brand Australia wide. We haven't changed our brand marketing for years. You can't smell it but you can stare at it, soak it in, click it, hate it but next time you see it you won't forget it. Phone us Perth time business hours, Australian, WST or for a free introductory brand marketing strategy consultation. $330/h after free10 minutes. Discounted by 50% for not-for-profit organisations and corporate social responsibility causes.

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